Wuji Gong

Daily Qigong Routine for Health and Vitality

Through the practice of Wuji Gong you can break down the blockages of toxins and re-establish a new energetic and positive flow of Qi inside the body. Once you obtain internal Qi flow you combine it with the Universal Qi outside the body. The results are remarkable.” 
Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong
Wuji Gong for many practitioners is part of a daily qigong routine. It consists of the highest practices from both moving and still Qigong. It embodies the natural law of universal movement and vibration. It consists of three parts.
Wuji Gong daily qigong routine
Grandmaster Fu and Stan Pannone qigong routine

The first part is called “chaos or self-vibration”. 
It activates the static Qi in your stomach and your central channel and allows Qi to flow throughout your body. It's healing vibration begins changing the current patterns in your body for a healthier more systematic pattern of health. Your Qi is now in an active state.

The second part aligns your body with the three treasures of the universe, Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.
We use gentle movements to accumulate and circulate Qi opening up major acupoints in our body. This allows Qi to flow freely to limbs, joints, internal organs, and your meridians. Regular practice will help dissipate disease and balance your internal organs.

" Discover The Healing Power of
Emei Qigong"

These short videos will give you an experience of feeling your qi. You'll
get a brief experience of chanting the Universal Healing Mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and finally some simple qigong movements from The Standing Form. These movements can be used for a daily qigong routine.

The third part of the form is called “Wuji” which means true empty.
This means the mind is still and free of thoughts. The first two parts are called “Taiji” and are a set pattern of movements. (the movements have form). The “Wuji State” is led and guided by the Qi itself. (Wuji movements are formless) Since each person has a different response to connecting with the universal energy (Qi), the movements will be different from person to person. The “Wuji state” allows us to reach an even higher level of balance. This elevated level of balance helps to strengthen your body and brings out latent abilities and intuitive perception.
Listen to the sample below of
Grandmaster Fu's Wuji Gong.

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The Wuji Gong Form is taught in detail in our level 1 Seminars and in the many classes that we offer. 
Make Wuji Gong part of your daily qigong routine.