Find Balance and Harmony in Your Life

The ancient practice of Emei Qigong  uses gentle movements, breathing techniques, and meditation to realign your body and mind. Originating in the Emei mountains of China over 800 years ago,

 Emei Qigong is a proven way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, boost energy, and relieve pain.

Our classes provide a peaceful oasis to help you let go of stress and tension. Learn simple Qigong movements and postures under the guidance of experienced teachers. Feel the restorative power as you quiet your thoughts and connect with your authentic self. Any level of ability can participate - no prior experience is needed.

Join our classes and  find the inner harmony and balance your body and soul have been waiting for.

Emei Qigong Forms, Movements and Micro Trainings

Emei Qigong Classes for the Week Include:The Standing Form, Wuji Gong, 18 Method Form, Emei Grounding Meditation, Silent Meditation and Healing, Emei 5 Elements Sound Bath Meditation, Chanting Singing and Toning Your way to Better Health.  

All Classes are Phoenix Arizona Time

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Monday 9 am MST Arizona Time

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Local LIVE Classes Every Week

Qigong Balance Del Webb

Discover the Benefits of Qigong with Healing with Qi

At Healing with Qi, we are passionate about sharing the ancient practice of Emei Qigong and its many health and wellness benefits.

Our online and in-person classes allow you to experience this gentle, meditative movement right from your own home or at our LIVE sessions at Del Webb, Vail Arizona.

We invite you to browse our class schedule and sign up for a session to start integrating this traditional Chinese exercise into your self-care routine. Learn proper breathing techniques, flowing movements, and mindfulness practices that you can take with you into your daily life.

Give the gift of greater well-being to yourself with Emei Qigong classes from Healing with Qi.

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Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master