Universal Mantra Healing Meditation
A  Mi  Di  Li  Gong  Zhen  Hong

The Universal Mantra Healing Mediation helps to break-up  karma that you have created up until now. This Karma has long-term consequences on your present day life.

Negative thoughts and actions cause disruptive energy in the body. This powerful guided healing meditation will help you to break up patterns of diseased and disruptive energy. And will get rid of “Qi Stagnation” that can keep you from moving forward.

This special 45 minute guided meditation uses the Emei Universal Mantra as a foundation. The healing is driven by the energy of the mantra. The power of repeated chanting of the mantra by an experienced qigong master cannot be overstated. First the facilitator enters into a deep state of Wuji. Then there is a visualization and mind intention, followed by close to 45 minutes of intense chanting.

Emei Mantra Healing

You will get a greatly accelerated amount of the energetic frequency of the Mantra. What would have taken weeks or months in personal chanting, can be accomplished in less than an hour. Plus the energy will be amplified because of the groups energy. You may experience effects 24-48 hours after the meditation.      

This healing is much different than a guided meditation. The force of the Mantra chanted by Certified Emei Qigong Teachers, has a force that is very powerful. The mantra itself has no religious affiliation or meaning of any kind. It was designed by Grandmaster Fu to mobilize the universal energy and to harmonize your whole body.   

The Universal Mantra Healing Meditation is scheduled as a special session during the year.
Check our calendar for time and dates.