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The word "Linji" translated means "sudden enlightenment". A central premise of the Emei lineage is to always be open to the possibility of sudden enlightenment. The Linji Qigong of the Emei School was established some 1000 years ago and is a main traditional sect of Qigong. For most of its history, the knowledge was reserved for advanced adepts, as a means of attaining spiritual awakening. Because of this, the profound health benefits were only available to a few.

The Linji Qigong of the Emei School Book is a compilation of qigong micro-training therapies and food therapy recipes to treat various ailments.

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong's teacher gave him the arduous task of finding a way to bring this hidden knowledge to the world. In essence his teacher told him there was too much suffering in the world. "You can only treat so many people yourself. I want you to teach others how to heal themselves and then become healers for others." The result is this book, which is a compilation of qigong micro-training therapies and food therapy recipes to treat various ailments.

Linji Qigong of the Emei School Digital

Linji School Of Emei Qigong Digital Book

Linji Book Table of Contents

Linji Book Table of Contents - Digital

Outside of China, qigong is used mainly for getting rid of stress, cultivating energy, and overall balancing the body's energy systems for health and well-being. However, qigong therapy for healing purposes has been used since ancient times in China. Using qigong therapy to treat medical diseases is what this book is about. It includes the movements with detailed instructions, in addition to the corresponding food therapy to support treatment.

All qigong can be divided into Macro and Micro training. Macro focuses on the union of a specific body posture, breathing, and heart or spirit. The use of the eight techniques of ascending, descending, opening, and closing, makes qi and blood flow more effortlessly in the body. They can be done either fast or slow. The fast way increases the speed of metabolism. The slow way slows down the metabolism in order to save energy for the body. The exercises engage the whole body and mind.

The Linji School of Emei Qigong
Linji School of Emei Qigong

Micro trainings on the other hand apply special postures, breathing, and mind intention to help heal specific internal organs.

The Emei Micro-Trainings utilize the combined energy absorbed from the particular combination of body posture, breathing pattern, and mind intent...directly toward the specific organ that needs help. The qi goes directly to that organ to eliminate diseased qi and restore healthy energy. This leads to internal balance allowing the regulation of pathological symptoms and enhancing normal physiological conditions. In this way, these micro-trainings are a combination of moving and nonmoving. They are energetic treatments for specific internal organs based on specific diagnoses. This is unique to the Emei Micro-Training methods.

In addition, the Emei Micro-Trainings have notable curative effects and simple movements, and generate a strong feeling of qi. (vital energy) There is an established connection between these micro training and good health maintenance. Thus, making it possible to prevent and cure disease, as well as strengthen the body and increase longevity. These training are also used in clinical practice.

"Discover The Healing Power of
Emei Qigong"

These short videos will give you an experience of feeling your qi. You'll get a brief experience of chanting the universal healing mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and finally some simple qigong movements from The Standing Form. 

The Emei Linji Book Includes Specific Micro Training for Various Diseases.

This includes the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney. As well as digestive illnesses affecting the duodenum, small intestine, and gastric diseases.

There are also exercises for menstrual disorders and special micro training for hypertension. At the back of the book is a Q & A section where Grandmaster Fu answers 32 specific questions about the application of the micro training.

The Linji School of Emei Qigong
Qigong Moving Meditation - 18 Method

The 18 Method Form

At the end of the micro trainings is detailed instruction on the 18 Methods. This qigong form is actually a series of 18 separate micro trainings-each having a different healing focus in the body. This is a more rigorous form of qigong than other Emei methods. While reminiscent of Chinese internal martial arts, the 18 methods directs the power internally rather than externally. The 18 methods can be practiced individually, in sequences of 2 or 3 or more... or as a complete stand-alone qigong form.

Practice of the 18 Methods not only restores health...but also restores harmony with nature and provides serenity with profound levels of deep relaxation. Human beings naturally have many innate abilities. But they have been mostly lost because of stressful lifestyles and separation from nature. Just as birds know when a storm is coming and many animals know that an earthquake is coming, hours or even days before. Or the journey of a Monarch butterfly able to fly to a certain spot in Mexico every year. These are just a few examples of attunement with nature. Qigong is the bridge that makes this attunement possible.

The Linji Qigong Book
Healing Foods

Foods and Recipes for Healing Specific Diseases

The second half of the book is all about the use of certain foods for healing specific diseases. Also known as diet-therapy. Modern science has divided food into three groups according to their function and effectiveness. However, Chinese diet-therapy is much more rich and varied - without contradicting the three main categories outlined by science.

In Chinese diet-therapy there are two primary categories: 1. To prevent disease and 2. To cure disease. Each are different aspects of the same thing. The five main characteristics of food are used to make the five different flavors restrict, adapt, and stimulate one another. The result of this can nourish the blood, adapt the movement of organs, lessen symptoms, and cure disease.

The recipes in this book are based on what should be nourished and what should be released. Some are quite simple. Others are more complex. Each recipe is designed to heal a specific organ or disease. When used in combination with the appropriate qigong Micro-Trainings the overall effect is improved, and treatment time can be shortened.

Foods for Healing Disease

Finally, the book also includes a very interesting article by Grandmaster Fu originally published over 40 years ago in the Qigong Research Journal. This article talks about the correlation between spiritual factors and qigong therapy. Specifically in regard to the relationship to disease and healing. He goes into great detail on the role the mental factor plays in disease and healing. As well as the basic connection between spiritual activity and the four seasons. Then covering the impact of emotions on healing. One of my favorite quotes from this article: "Soul may be the first to be influenced by a change in the body. A patient can recover only after his desire is well coordinated, his mind adjusted, his fear and abhorrence eliminated." (From Su Wen - Comments in Change of Energy and Qi)

While this book is designed for the advanced practitioner, anyone interested in using qigong for healing will find valuable nuggets of wisdom within its pages.

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Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master