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What is a Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound Bath Meditation has become increasingly popular as more and more people understand its benefits. Human beings are closely linked with vibration and frequency. Everything living, experiences the vibrational energy of sound. Everything in our universe is a form of vibration. Sound Baths can be described as a meditative experience where an individual or group is bathed in sound waves. It is a full-body listening experience that by nature, uses sound to provide therapeutic and restorative opportunities for our body and our mind.

Is a Sound Bath Meditation and a Vibrational Sound Healing the same?

Both terms are widely used and provide Healing Meditations using various instruments including Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Bells Chimes, Shruti Boxes, Monochords, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoos, and many more vibrational healing instruments. Crystal Bowl Sound Baths are very popular in many areas.

"Feeling The Qi" Meditation Audio 

Our "Feeling The Qi" Meditation Audio is an original 45-minute studio recording using Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Bao Gongs. 

It blends long, soothing, meditative sounds that help you relax and rejuvenate. Perfect for any meditation including Still and Moving Qigong.

Below is a sample of our "Feeling The Qi' Audio. All of our audio is available as a digital download.

Sound Bath Healing

Sound Bath Integration - Start with the Human Voice

The human voice is one of the most therapeutic healing instruments available to us. I start off every sound bath by introducing the group to the Emei Universal Mantra and the Sacred Healing Sounds. These sounds have no meaning or religious affiliation. Most people have not sung or chanted these sounds.

I am always pleasantly surprised how much people WANT to connect and express themselves with their own voice. We usually start out slowly and build by coming together in a short group chanting session.
This develops a beautifully united energy field

Sound Bath Benefits

Most people reach a state of relaxation that is difficult to reach on their own. This is part of the meditative state that comes from listening to the deep resonances of vibrational sound instruments. Most people report that sound baths healing can help:

  • Improve moods, reduce anxiety, and relieve stress
  • Reach a deep meditative state organically
  • Speed the body’s healing process
  • Connect with oneself
  • Re-tune the body back to its state of optimum frequency

Another benefit of sound bath therapy that is not discussed or realized, became obvious to me over the years. Along with all the benefits of relaxation and deeper meditation, the outside of your body's energy field gets cleansed. Additionally, it removes the external energy blockages that keep your internal energy from moving freely. I learned about this while performing private sound bath healing sessions using tuning forks and other healing instruments.  

Sound Bath Healing Meditation
Vibrational Sound Healing

How Long Is a Sound Bath Session?

Most Sound Baths are between 60 and 90 minutes. I find that a sound bath with initial chanting and setup are ideal at about an hour and 15 minutes. I have seen longer sound baths and short variations that are also good. Some people like longer sound baths, however, I find this timeframe to be ideal.

How Much Does a Sound Bath Cost?

Depending on your area, a group sound bath can cost between $20 to as much as $60 per session. Private sound bath therapy sessions can be more expensive.

Attending a Sound Bath Meditation...
Different than a Traditional Meditation

To receive the most benefits while sound bathing, use the sounds to replace the more traditional meditation approach of repeating mantras, breathing, and counting. Let the sound take you deeper.  Stay engaged…As thoughts, and “qi” information come up, let them go with love and compassion.  When the thoughts, visions, or messages come to the surface, don’t judge, or try to be analytical. Be an observer of the “qi”. This information is often connected to repeated patterns that you have been exercising for many years. By releasing the information, you are clearing room for new healthier energy to enter.

Most of the informational energy that “comes to us” during a sound bath, can’t be accessed in our conscious mind. The vibration of the sound allows us to go deeper, organically.

Buddhist Philosophy states that the practice of letting go during our meditations prepares us for death. That’s true, but it also prepares us for life.

Sound Bath Therapy - Practicing Letting Go

Practicing “letting go” during a sound bath, it will carry over into our everyday life. Modern technology makes life easy in some ways, but we must realize the that we are being constantly messaged with something at every turn. The amount of stimulation that we receive on every level can be daunting. Without even knowing it, we are triggered and taken out of what could be a calm productive state.

Most media is reaction driven. Its best to limit that kind of exposure. When you are exposed, the ability to allow it to pass through and then release it will keep you healthier. That takes practice…A well-orchestrated sound bath allows you to embrace the concept of “letting go” and bring it into your everyday life.

What Makes a Sound Bath Healing Effective?

Conducting a Sound Bath Meditation

Sound Baths come in all shapes and sizes. In 2006, I was waiting for my son outside a café in Sydney, Australia. There was a man of modest means, playing a Didgeridoo on the street corner. No fanfare, just playing for tips. I never heard or felt the sound of that instrument before.

As I waited, the early sun was just warming the streets. I closed my eyes and just listened. Without knowing this at the time, it was my first sound bath.

This man poured every ounce of his soul into playing. The concert was for me and a few pigeons. The connection was remarkable. All his emotions, his heritage, (Aborigine) and his being were pouring out of that long wooden instrument.

A few years later, with my other son, I was visiting the ancient Mayan civilization of Tulum, Mexico. There was a man of Mayan descent, playing a small log drum with handmade mallets. Sitting to the side of the road, eyes closed, into his own rhythm of the day. The simple, repetitive, hypnotic pattern that he was playing was so powerful, so impactful. It was like a thousand years of history was being told.

Sound Bath Healing Meditation
Emei Qigong Healing Methods

It’s About Connection

Sometimes with more choices, we miss the true meaning of sound. Sound bath healing is about connection. Connection to ourselves, the universe, and most importantly, the connection to the group we are playing for.

When the facilitator takes the time to connect and unite the energy field, people participating are already engaged. Then it’s up to us as facilitators to provide the listening experience for the group.

I have attended sound baths where it was technically correct, which is important. But without connection, it can be uninspiring.

Fundamentals of Playing

When learning vibrational instruments, I studied with Ed Cleveland, Gong and Singing Bowl Master Teacher. Ed has the connection and I thank him for being so fundamentally sound in his teaching approach. Making an energetic connection with these types of instruments BEFORE you play them is important.

To visit Ed’s Website:       https://www.edclevelandsoundhealing.com/

I practiced droning on different gongs for 20 minutes at a time. Learning to move into the gong and being part of the sound. Knowing each instrument, you are using, by making it part of you.

I think the best approach is to learn one instrument at a time. Learn all the nuances, all the sounds that you can make with it. When you want to add to your sound bath instrument family, be patient and find the right complimentary pieces.    

sound bath therapy

Mapping Gongs

Mapping your gongs is important. Take the time to map your gongs to know exactly what the sound will be BEFORE you strike it. You also need to understand the different mallets. They all have their nuances and knowing them intimately is important.

Playing of Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls

Playing these types of vibrational instruments for sound bathing has the same concept. Sound is what you make it. This is about vibrational sound healing….AND connection. Do they complement my voice? Do they speak to me?  

Beginner's Mind

My background in music began in my early life. I studied composition and theory on six string guitar and bass guitar. The best thing that I did when I wanted to learn about vibrational healing instruments was to have a beginner’s mind.

I have since incorporated melody to my sound baths and add whatever is needed for my sound baths. At any given time, I might add a Kalimba, Shruti Boxes, Monochords, Bao Gongs, Chimes, Brass Triangles, Tingshas, and Tongue Drums. I like the balance of adding a higher pitched registration of sound with melody to the deeper vibration of the other instruments. This creates a rollicking soundscape. Many people remark that it is musical journey.

I love performing live sound baths. It allows me to meet new people and experience the energy of the room. I must be on and in-tune with the energy of the group. It also adds a level of excitement that has been tempered in the last few years.

I wondered, “Can this energy be captured in a quality studio recording?” The answer is, “There is nothing like live, but you can come darn close.”

Local Qigong Events

Bathe in Vibrational Healing Sounds in Your Home

The Emei Qigong 5 Elements Healing Meditation Recorded
Sound Bath Meditation & Healing

A few years ago, I decided to merge the chanting of the powerful Emei Sacred Healing Sounds and Universal Mantra with a “Live” vibrational healing instruments session. My entire collection of Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls and close to 10 other healing instruments were used for the recording session. 

To help with the chanting vocals, I invited Susan Lopes, a spiritual based Jazz Singer to the session.

We performed the recording in a professional recording studio in CT.  The result was beyond any expectations that I had imagined. The 48-minute session was almost done entirely live.

The session is called The Emei 5 Elements Sound Bath Meditation & Healing.

Check out the sample from the original 48-minute recording.

Vibrational Sound Therapy, A Deep, Soothing Audio Meditation Recorded Instrumental Sound Bath

As a follow up I recorded an instrumental sound bath in a studio in Vail, Arizona. It incorporates the use of Gongs, Shruti Boxes, Monochords, Buddhist Temple Bowls, and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The sound is deep and soothing. The audio allows you to engage in the resonances of the sounds of these beautiful vibrational instruments. The droning effect and peaceful nature of this audio will bring you into a “state” where you gently release any unwanted energies.

I call this audio; Vibrational Sound Therapy, A Deep, Soothing Audio Meditation
Listen to a sample of the original 58-minute audio recording below.

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