Emei Qigong Seminars

Qigong Training

If you want to get the greatest benefit from your qigong practice... then it's essential that you have the information available to support your practice.

Emei Qigong Seminars are designed by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong to do just that...and more.

These Qigong Training Sessions are detailed and offer an opportunity for you to really understand the depth of this practice.


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Bigu Grain Free Fasting
Emei Qigong's Seminars along with our Food Therapy/Energetic Fasting Program, BiGu, are some of the finest and most informative qigong training sessions in the world.

You learn self-healing on the highest level and it is all geared towards health and if desired, helping others. They are available to support your energetic growth and spiritual attunement.

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Recent Testimonial

"I attended the Emei Qigong Level 2 class with Stan because I wanted to take my qigong practice to the next level and gain a better understanding of the cultivation of qi and self-healing.
I learned so much about the ancient art of traditional Chinese medicine, self-empowerment, and how to determine one’s essential nature. Knowing how to balance and support that nature using various empowered objects and healing techniques is
so beneficial to growing with my practice. 
The class was well worth the time and effort, and I recommend it to anyone seeking self-help and healing."

Christine Long

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Emei Level 4 Teachers Training
Emei Level 5 Seminar
Emei Qigong Level 6 Seminar

Coming Soon: We are adding a Level 3 to our schedule in 2024. Stay Tuned for details