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Wuji Gong Book

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Wuji Gong Book
Wuji Gong Book

Wuji Gong Book

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Discover the Wuji Gong Book—a clear and insightful guide to Qi principles. Deepen your Emei Qigong practice with this essential resource!

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Wuji Gong Book 

Explore the world of authentic Wuji Gong practice with the Wuji Gong Book. This comprehensive guide covers the theory and practice of the Wuji Gong form, as taught in Emei Qigong Level I seminars worldwide. 

In this book, you will explore:

The Three Treasures of Qigong: These Three Treasures—Jing, Qi, and Shen—form the foundation of Qigong practice, promoting holistic health and spiritual growth.
The Power of Qi: Learn how cultivating Qi can enhance health, develop special abilities, and achieve enlightenment.
Qigong Energy Cultivation: Discover natural and practical methods for bringing together the invisible link between mind and body, and the profound connection between humans and the universe.
Step-by-Step Instructions: Follow detailed explanations of each movement in the Wuji Gong form, including proper breathing techniques, mind intention, and the effects of each movement.

The Wuji Gong Book is a well-written, easy-to-follow resource that provides insights into the principles of "Qi" and its transformative potential. Enhance your understanding and practice of Emei Qigong with this essential book.

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" Discover The Healing Power of Emei Qigong"

These short videos will give you an experience of feeling your qi. You'll get a brief experience of chanting the universal healing Mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and finally some simple qigong movements The Standing Form.

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