Authentic Emei Qigong Products and Resources

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Qigong Digital Training Products

Audio and Video Training Resources in Digital Format including Wuji Gong.
Check our library of Audio Meditation, Digital Books, and Sound Bath Healing.

Payments For Seminars Events, Donations Sessions and Classes

Join us for:
Seminars,  Classes, Private Healing/Training Sessions, and LIVE Sound Bath Healing Meditations.
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Emei Empowered Objects

Emei Empowered Objects
Empowered by Grandmaster Fu and the Emei monks
Infused with over 5,000 ancient symbols and mantras through a 49-day process

Emei Books CDs and DVDs

Emei Qigong Books, CDs, and DVDs all authored by Grandmaster Fu.  All of these items are available in digital format.(See Qigong Digital Training Products)

" Discover The Healing Power of Emei Qigong"

These short videos will give you an experience of feeling your qi. You'll get a brief experience of chanting the universal healing Mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and finally some simple qigong movements The Standing Form.

After trying these videos check out Stan Pannone's Calendar for class dates and times.