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Qigong offers two types of meditation. This is sometimes referred to as moving or still Qigong practice

Qigong is an ancient Chinese Healing Practice that combines meditation, controlled breathing, and gentle movements.

This practice is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which believes that your energy flow needs to be free and flowing to maintain optimal health.

Let’s first talk about the moving mediation that Emei (pronounced Err-may) Qigong offers. This healing art has four main forms that I teach regularly in our classes.

Moving Qigong Meditation

Wuji Gong is Emei’s Flagship Form

This qigong form is unique in that it has a structured part of the form called self-regeneration.  

The “form’ part is designed to open the meridians and energy centers in the body. This gets our energy into a free natural rhythm and allows us to easily connect with the” formless” part of the form Self-Wuji.

Self-Wuji connects us to the pure energy of the Universe. It is a completely empty state and with regular practice, you will open your latent abilities.  

Regular practice of this form or moving meditation, will provide restorative energy to your body. This form truly enhances your mind body and spirit.

Qigong Moving Meditation -
Qigong Meditation

The Standing Form Emei Qigong’s “Qi Feeling Form”

This form was brought to us by Qigong Master Young Zhang, Beijing China. Young is a direct disciple of Emei Qigong Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong.

The brilliance of this form is the simple nature of connecting qigong movements with controlled breathing. People can “feel the qi” in as little as 3 to 5 minutes. It also has specific movements, sounds and visualization for balancing the energy of each organ in the body.

The Standing Form has over 30 movements. In my classes, I present this qigong form as a long slow-moving meditation. Feel your Yin/Yang Energy come into balance as you do the movements to beautiful vibrational sounds that accompany the form. 

The 18 Method Form. 
Derived from Emei Qigong 12 Forms

Each Movement can be practiced individually or as an entire form to balance and strengthen a specific organ or group of organs “qi”. It is not a typical qigong form as many of the movements can be used for healing and balancing specific organs.  

Done is a sequence, the form's movements flow into each other with smooth balanced transitions. The 18 Method Form is considered slightly advanced in terms of physical requirements. In my class, we do this form weekly with modifications to accommodate every practitioner.

Qigong Moving Meditation - 18 Method

The Emei Grounding Meditation "Absorbing Essence From Earth"

Follow this guided meditation and visualize you connecting to the Yin Energy of Mother Earth. You pass a large open cavern about a mile down, hearing dripping water on the side of the rocks. Your path to center of the earth is illuminating with beautiful Crystals and Gemstones.

This Emei Grounding Meditation brings you back to your center. It’s designed to reconnect with the essence and resonance of Earth Energy. Feel connected, confident, and self-assured. 

This class is often done with the Standing Form. The combination of these two forms is an hour of complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Still Qigong Meditation

Unlike moving meditation, still meditation is usually done in a seated position. This can be a chair or sitting on a cushion or ground in a lotus position.

Emei Qigong has many varieties of still meditation used for healing/meditations. The following five are included in my regular class schedule.

Silent Meditation and Healing 

This qigong healing meditation uses a Emei Level 2 Technique called Meta Qi Zhen. It is unique in that it unifies the energy “qi” field with the use of a small human model, acupuncture needles, and acupuncture points. This method of still meditation is used for healing/meditation in groups or individuals.

Most meditations are considered referential. That means that the practitioner uses a mantra, breathing or counting to establish a way to go energetically deeper.

Using the Meta Qi Zhen model and technique, we each provide an intention for the “Universal Energy” to release disruptive “Qi” and/or bring in something that we can use.

We then unify the energy field and become observers of the “Qi”. The result is a deep, soothing, and relaxing meditation healing. We end the healing session with sounds from an ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Qigong Meditation - Silent Meditation and Healinh
Empowered Rosewood Mala Bracelet

Rosewood Mala Bracelet

Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace

Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace

Mantra Meditation with Empowered Bracelet or Necklace

Many people have a hard time sitting in total silence.  Emei practitioners use an Empowered Bracelet or an Empowered Necklace and the playing of the Emei Universal Healing Mantra to help alleviate the overactive mind.

This keeps the energy clear, breaking up the disruptive qi, allowing one to clear the mind and enhancing the effectiveness of the meditation. This is a specific technique learned in our Emei Level 1 Seminar

Emei 5 Elements Sound Bath Meditation/Healing

Merging Two Powerful Healing Forces

The 5 Elements Sound Bath incorporates the chanting of the Emei Universal Mantra and Healing Sounds with sounds of healing instruments such as Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, and many other healing instruments.

This combination of deep vibrational sounds and Emei Healing Sounds is very powerful and gives you an opportunity to energetically cleanse while harmonizing your whole body. 

Approaching a sound bath using this type of vibrational sound is an exercise in listening. Listen carefully and let the qigong music take you deeper into your inner self. 

The frequency of the sound allows you to reach a place that thoughts, patterns, and “qi” information not accessible in the conscious mind to become present.  Acknowledge the information, but don’t attach or analyze it. Clear your mind by releasing with love and compassion.

Then gently fall back into listening and start the process again.

5 Elements Sound Bath Meditation
Vibrational Sound Therapy - A deep, sothing audio meditation

The Vibrational Sound Therapy Audio
Deep, Soothing Meditation

The Vibrational Sound Therapy Audio takes a different approach from our 5 Elements of Sound Bath Healing.  It uses an instrumental approach to a Healing Sound Bath. Most of the instruments used in this audio are not used on the 5 Elements Sound Bath Meditation Audio.

We incorporated the soothing sounds of Monochords, Shruti Boxes, Temple Bowls, Brass Triangles, and several different Gongs.  This unique combination allows you to naturally reach a deep, meditative state just by listening and absorbing the sounds. The soft droning sounds of these instruments take you deeper and allow you to gently release and restore your qi.

Recent Testimonial
"Hi Stan, I listened to the audio last night in bed…with the Snow Moon shining brightly and I love it!  What a beautiful creation.Thank You…Henan…Samantha B,”

Balance Your Qi by Chanting, Singing, and Toning

This class explores the use of the most powerful instrument available to all of us…Our Own Voice.

This class features learning deep breathing and diaphragm control. support our town and pitch.

We use these techniques to enhance some of the most powerful healing sounds available anywhere…The Emei Qigong Sacred Healing Sounds and The Emei Universal Healing Mantra.

Claim Your Creative Power: Discover Your Own Voice

Balance Your Qi by Chanting, Singing and Toning

Try one or more of these Qigong Meditations, click below to view our weekly class schedule.

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Learn How to Meditate and Unlock Your Inner Calm

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Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master