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Qigong Grounding Meditation Provides Deep Relaxation

The practice of Emei Qigong Grounding Meditation provides a profound means to establish a vibrant energetic bond with the nurturing Yin energy of our beloved planet, Mother Earth. In this article, we will delve into three powerful methods that can help you establish a deep connection with the Earth's energy, enabling you to tap into its abundant benefits.

Join us on this journey of exploration and discover the wonders of connecting with the Earth's natural electrical properties through the practices of the Emei Qigong Grounding Meditation

There has been so much written about therapeutic techniques that physically connect the body to the earth. Earthing and Grounding are two names that talk about the benefits and Earth’s natural electrical properties.

The earth has an abundance of free electrons that are negatively charged which helps to provide natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body.

Over time, we have connected less and less with the Earth. Rubber soles on our shoes have isolated us from this powerful resource. Getting back in touch with the ground will help overcome some of the changes we have made in our lifestyle. 
Qigong Grounding Meditation

Ground Directly to the Earth

The first method is to connect your body directly to the earth. This method has been around for since the beginning of our existence and has recently come into the forefront as an alternative to  reduce inflammation and improve sleep. Grounding has a calming effect and supports our ability to stay focused and alert. It takes about 20 minutes per day and the benefits are enormous

This is done by literally grounding to the Earth by walking barefoot on grass, soil, sand, or any natural surface. This method is free and available to everyone. Concrete that is directly connected to the earth also provides grounding. Asphalt does not provide the same grounding effect.

Use a Grounding Mat

The second method is to use a grounding mat in your home. There are many on the market and the concept is simple. If you are sitting or standing, have a grounding mat under your bare feet.

Using a grounding mat is especially helpful when you don’t have access to Earth due to weather or location.

Qigong Grounding Meditation - Connect To The Earth Energy
Qigong Grounding Meditation

Practice Qigong Grounding Meditation

The third way to connect with the energy of Mother Earth is through qigong meditation and practice. The Emei Qigong Grounding Meditation is a 30-minute guided meditation. It uses mindfulness, visualization, breathing, and gentle movements. By using this meditation, you receive all the benefits of this valuable resource.

Many people report that they find the grounding mediation relaxing, gain mental clarity and
feel the healing properties.

We start this guided meditation by accessing the spiritually attuned qi from heaven and earth.
This self-vibration movement connects us to the vibrations of all things in the world. Vibrations are part of every sound in the world. By practicing self-vibration, we increase our sensitivity to the outside and the internal vibrations that happen in our body.

Absorbing Qi from Earth

We then move into the earth section, connecting our feet to the ground, we are guided through a series of “Earth” movements.

These gentle exercises for the feet and legs invigorate the spirit and stimulate the brain.  It encourages our Yin and Yang Qi and blood to balance.

Emei Qigong Grounding Meditation
Qigong Grounding Meditation

The” Qi” traveling now begins. This guided meditation is supported by organic vibrational sounds.  We take our journey to the center of Mother Earth. Visualize a root growing out of the bottom of your feet. It breaks through the crust of the earth, going deeper and deeper through the layers of stone, shale, sand…

The Journey Continues

We hear water, dripping off the side of an open cave…. our path is made clearer, by the illumination of gemstones and crystals…We start to feel the warmth of the earth’s core… All set to Qigong music, deep, soothing, vibrational sounds rooting us further into this energetic connection.

We not only connect to Mother Earth, but Mother Earth also connects to us. The beautiful supportive Yin energy is now flowing through our Yangquan Points on the bottom of our feet. This makes up for the Yin deficiency in our body. Our Kidneys are revitalized, and our pre-birth qi is strengthened. Our Yang energy is now in better balance.

Qi Travelling and Visualization - 30-Minute Guided Meditation

The Qi traveling and visualization continue throughout this 30-minute guided meditation. We end up with the “essence of the earth” entering our most prominent energy center, the Lower Dantian. We are feeling enriched, balanced, and connected.  A calmness comes over us that carries over into our life. We have become one with Heaven and Earth.

The Emei Grounding Meditation is part of our regular class schedule.

It is also available as a digital download.

Experience the Relaxation of the Emei Qigong Grounding Meditation

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Experience The Relaxation of Qigong Grounding Meditation

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