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Qigong, including Emei Qigong, is a practice that combines movement, breath control, and mental focus to cultivate and balance the body's energy. It is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for centuries to promote health, well-being, and spiritual growth. While Qigong is often associated with its therapeutic benefits, it can also be an excellent addition to a fitness routine.

Discover The Edge!

Athletes are always looking for an edge in performance. Whether you are a serious athlete or trainer, or a weekend warrior, have you considered qigong as an additional asset to your training schedule?

 When incorporated into a daily exercise regimen, Emei Qigong can enhance athletic performance and overall fitness. 

In recent times, serious athletes are increasingly recognizing the profound influence of the mind-body connection.

Athletes are now placing greater emphasis on the relationship between mental and physical factors in optimizing their performance. They understand that achieving peak athletic prowess goes beyond physical training and requires attention to psychological and emotional aspects as well.

Increasing Strength and Endurance

Practicing movements of Emei Qigong Forms such as the 18 Method Form helps improve strength, flexibility, and balance: These movements of this dynamic Qigong Form, are done in a specific sequence and focus on fluid and controlled body movements. This can be particularly helpful for athletes in sports that require agility and coordination. 

Regular Practice of other Qigong movements increases strength and endurance: Qigong involves using your own body weight to resist and push against external forces. which helps build strength and endurance.

Qigong For Athletes
Qigong For Health

Qigong For Athletes: Increase Your Performance

Reduces stress and improves mental clarity: Qigong practices include moving and still qigong. The meditative aspects help reduce stress and improve mental clarity. This benefits the athlete by helping them to stay focused and calm under pressure. Think about the most successful athletes, in pressure-filled movements, they are usually the calmest ones in the arena.

Increases Lung Capacity: Emei Qigong has specific breathing exercises such as Emei Heavy Pounding Breathing, a micro-training designed specifically to help oxygenate the blood and expand breathing capacity. The result is increased energy and vitality: this gives athletes the extra boost they need to power through workouts and competitions.

Prevents injuries: By improving flexibility, balance, and body awareness, qigong can help to prevent injuries that can arise from overuse or improper form.

Helps prevent burnout: Exercise by nature is Yang. This means that it is driven by the fast driven, loud, and extreme action. Qigong is Yin by nature, which means it will bring calm to your being and add support to your movements and activity.

We function best when we are in a balanced state. This will not only enhance your
performance but provide a foundation for improved health!

Invest in Yourself: Prioritize Fitness and Health

 To incorporate Emei Qigong into your daily exercise routine, allocate a minimum of 10 minutes each day for practice. Choose a quiet space where you can move without restrictions. Utilize instructional videos or seek guidance from a qualified instructor to ensure you maintain proper form and technique. Additionally, explore group practice opportunities through online platforms or personal training sessions.

Getting Started with Emei Qigong is Easy!

In conclusion, incorporating Emei Qigong into your daily exercise routine can offer numerous benefits for both your athletic performance and overall well-being. This ancient Chinese practice enhances flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and stamina while reducing stress and fostering energy cultivation.

Embracing this practice can lead to a transformative fitness journey. To gain further insights into the world of Emei Qigong and discover how it can elevate your performance and improve your health, please click the link below to access the weekly class schedule. Begin your journey under the expert guidance of Stan Pannone, a 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master.

Qigong For Fitness

Qigong For Fitness

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