Emei Qigong Level 2 Seminar
The Moving Program of Life

We are all born with particular strengths and weaknesses.

When you know what your weakness is you will be able to break the karmic patterns of your life

Chinese medicine tells us there are 5 elements that make up everything

Emei Level 2 Seminar
  • Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.
  • Each person has a different combination of these 5 elements.
  • Each represents a specific energy which then translates into our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. It also impacts the health of our entire body.
  • One of these elements is your primary energetic nature.
  • But much more important than this energetic nature is your energetic weakness.
  • Everyone has a weak element.
  • When you discover what your element is you can finally see what was unseen before.
  • The Level 2 seminar will show you how to find out what your balancing element is. Then it will  show you simple ways to bring more of that element into your life.
  • Bringing in more of the balancing element will naturally help to balance the other 4 elements.
  • When you do that you’ll find yourself on a new path. You’ll have more options and greater choice.
  • Gradually you will begin to see what you were unable to see before.
  • Level 2 Meditation - Qigong Distance Healing

    Not only will you find your own balancing elementYou’ll also know how to calculate the balancing element for your friends and family. Plus you’ll get a manual that lays out all the information for you clearly.

    Qigong Distance Healing...In addition you’ll receive a small model that is a replica of the human body, to do energy work to heal yourself and others.

    To give you a jumpstart you will get an empowerment healing…where you will receive Qi through the guidance of a qigong master. This empowerment is designed to open your heaven’s door point on the top of your head. This will help further your understanding of these principles.

    This is a very intimate workshop. It’s not for everyone. But if you feel a connection with these words, then I urge you to register today. There’s only a few days left to do so. Learn to bring balance to your life, break the Karmic patterns of your life, and help others by learning Qigong Distance Healing.

    Now you have a choice to make. You can keep doing what you’ve always done before getting the same results. Or you can do something different and set yourself in a new and better direction.

    The NEXT  Emei Qigong Level 2 Seminar  starts in early 2024. Make sure you stay in contact for the exact schedule.  

    Learn Qigong Distance Healing and many other Qigong Healing Techniques