The Emei Qigong 18 Methods Form
Derived from the Emei 12 Forms

The Emei Qigong 18 Methods was created by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong to help individuals cope with the fast pace of modern life. Its roots are derived from
the Emei 12 Forms. The form incorporates qigong breathing and movements
to move the energy to each organ of our body. 

" Discover The Healing Power of
Emei Qigong"

These short videos will give you an experience of "feeling your qi". You'll get a brief experience of
chanting the universal healing mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and finally some
simple qigong movements from
The Standing Form. Each video talks about the proper use of qigong breathing.

Each Movement Is Focused On A Particular Organ

 The form can has been designed to do in it’s entirety or, practice a movement at a time, which is focused on a particular organ, done separately to strengthen and balance that organ. 

Qigong Breathing - Stan Pannone
Qigong Breathing - Emei Qigong 18 Methods Form

The essence of practicing this form ,is to cultivate Qi and help maintain a healthy flow through the body. Practicing Emei 18 Method regularly, will help to restore the smooth flow of Qi in the meridian channels and internal vital organs, enabling healing. When performed as a contiguous form it incorporates a beautiful flow of movements and transitions, and along with coordinated qigong breathing breathing, stimulates the organs, bringing balance to your inner self.

Restores Health and Harmony With Nature

Many people feel that the hectic pace of modern life creates more stress on us than  ever before. As a result, inner peace and a sense of calmness has become elusive to modern humanity. The good news is that Emei 18 Methods not only restores health, but also restores harmony with nature, all while providing serenity and deep relaxation.

The 18 Method Class is accompanied by a beautiful audio soundtrack of original music.
Listen to the audio sample below.

AVAILABLE - We have an excellent 18 Method Training Video by Emei Qigong Master Bob Arel