Wuji Gong Form Audio CD


Follow Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong as he guides you through the entire Wuji Gong Form. Wuji Gong is the primary qigong form of Emei Qigong Level I and the foundational form of Emei Qigong.

Wuji Gong Form Audio CD
The audio is used for home practice and  Emei Qigong Teachers in their classes. It features Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong as he takes you through the entire form.

The Wuji Gong Form consists of three primary parts.
1. The Self-Vibration forms to move and disrupt the old energy patterns.
2. The Self-Regeneration forms to absorb and circulate fresh Qi.
3. The Wuji form to create a new fresh pattern of magnetic energy and get the mind into the empty Zen Qigong state.

This Audio CD  is approximately 45 minutes long and is available as a digital download.



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