Wuji Gong Book (Digital)


This Wuji Gong Book explains a great deal about the authentic Wuji Gong form practice. It covers the theory behind the form that is taught in all Emei Qigong Level I seminars throughout the world. (Digital Download)

Emei Qigong’s Wuji Gong Book
The great power of Qi (energy) for the improvement of health and gaining special abilities and enlightenment is easiest to cultivate and embrace by practicing certain paths and methods. The qigong energy cultivation taught in this book is natural, practical, and simple to learn. This book gives the reader tremendous insight about Qi – the invisible link between mind and body – the mysterious connection between man and the universe.

The book is well written and easy to follow and includes a step by step explanation of each movement in the form. You will learn proper breathing, mind intention and the functions and effects of each movement.


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