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Sound Therapy Meditation (Audio)


This studio quality audio is inspired by the use of Monochords, Shruti Boxes, Chinese Chau and Paiste Gongs, Tibetan Singing bowls and Buddhist Temple Bowls.

Recent Testimonial…”Hi Stan, I listened to the audio last night in bed…with the Snow Moon shining brightly and I love it! What a beautiful creation
Thank You…Henan…Samantha B,”

Play audio sample below.


Vibrational Sound Therapy is a  deep and meditative nature of this studio quality audio allows the listener to relax and breath with the sounds and connect with some of natures
most beautiful resonances. As all of my recordings, this audio is infused with the Emei frequency.

Perfect to use in mediations or to set the tone for a relaxing, stress reduced sound environment.Vibrational Sound Therapy is inspired by the use of Shruti Boxes, Monochords,
Chinese Chau Gongs, Djembe Drum, and a love for beautiful relaxing music.

This is a special combination of vibrational healing instruments that used together stimulate all the healing frequencies needed for balance and harmony.

The audio in full is 58 minutes but can be used in sections if desired. Go deep and relax with Vibrational Sound Therapy and enjoy a soothing meditation experience!

Music and composition by Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master.


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