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Empowered Carnelian Necklace With Agate Stone


Empowered Carnelian Bead with Agate Necklace

Our new Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace is an amazing tool used for healing, protection, making Qigong Water, and meditation.

The necklace is made with Agate and is designed to be comfortable to wear, slightly lighter, and shorter compared to our original Carnelian necklace.

New! Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace…Made with Agate Stone
Red Carnelian is a gemstone that has been used for centuries for various purposes due to its vibrant red color and unique properties.

Energy and Vitality: Red Carnelian is believed to boost energy levels and enhance physical stamina. It is often used to combat fatigue, lethargy, and low motivation, making it a popular choice for those seeking an energy boost.

Agate is a widely known and popular gemstone that has been used for various purposes throughout history.

Balance and Harmony: Agate is believed to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. It is often used to stabilize emotions and create a sense of calmness. By harmonizing energies, Agate can help individuals feel centered and grounded.

In addition to their ability to heal and protect, these necklaces are truly beautiful. Carnelian is called “red jade” by the Chinese and carries the same high quality energy information as jade. These necklaces are jewelry quality and wonderful to wear or to use for meditating with the Universal Mantra.

This beautiful necklace has 108 beads plus a head bead with a tassel attached. The beads inherently contain high level pre-birth and post-birth energy and are further enhanced by Grandmaster Fu with 49 days of special empowerment.

The 108 beads signify the 108 different levels of post-birth energy information they contain.

For more detailed information about healing with qigonized items, please refer to the Emei Qigong Level I book, Healing Arts of Emei Qigong.


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