Emei Qigong Level 1 Seminar


Cultivate the most precious quality in the universe — Virtue

By studying the methods in a Level 1 Seminar you learn how to:

Get A Simple And Clear Understanding Of The Human Energy Field

How To Bring In Universal Energy and Release Diseased Qi

Discover The 5 Causes Of Illness And The 6 Secrets Of Healing

How to Safely Transfer And Clear Diseased Qi Out of Your Body

Discover The Emei Healing Frequency By Chanting The Universal Mantra

How To Use Empowered Objects To Amplify Healing Energy and Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

How To Balance Your Internal Organs Energetically With Sacred Healing Sounds For Each Organ

Cultivate the most precious quality in the universe — Virtue

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Here’s The Dates, Times, and Fee – Starts May 2nd, 2023
Emei Qigong Level 1 Seminar

Each weekly session will be 90 minutes. And the series lasts for 18 weeks. That means you will get 27 hours of training in total. At only $149 that’s about $8 per week to get this enhanced level 1 training.

This program starts on Tuesday evening May 2nd (4pm PT, 6pm CT, and 7pm ET)

The sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing. So, you won’t miss anything if you can’t attend a given week.

Now you are at a crossroads. You can do nothing and keep going along as you are. OR you can decide to join me on this immersive 18-week journey. Go full in…and get all that Emei Qigong has to offer you.

 Signup by April 15th and you’ll also get a FREE Grounding Meditation audio ($20 Value)


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