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How to Sustain Happiness, Two Part Training Session


We can say, that to some degree everyone has experienced suffering. Where there is life there is suffering. We would all like to have happiness. AND, we all would like to sustain the happiness.

How to Sustain Happiness

Emei Qigong teaches that suffering and happiness are the weights on the end of a scale. When there is happiness there is less suffering and vise versa. Experience has shown us that the pursuit of happiness often gives only temporary happiness.

During these (2) 1 ½ hour sessions we will learn the difference between a true heart and a false heart and how that influences our ability to follow our true nature of love and compassion. We will have a deep discussion and explore how attachments are formed and how our perceptions produce emotional experiences.

We will also learn about the (4) Greeds and how the repeated patterns of a false heart causes conflicts with the Universe and other people. These conflicts can destroy a person as well as the world that we live in.

We will end the second session using Emei Qigong Techniques and an Emei Qigong Karma Clearing Guided Meditation to help break up some of the patterns that keep us from our true nature of love and compassion.

The cost for both sessions is $49. This class is being taught by Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master, Teacher, Disciple and Practitioner.

“Creating balance in your life has a positive effect on everyone around you”
Stan Pannone


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