Emei Empowered Blanket


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Empowered Blanket with Magnets…Emei’s most Versatile Healing Tool

Designed and empowered by Grandmaster Fu, the lining of the Empowered Blanket is filled with
two rows of balanced healing magnetic buttons. The blanket is encoded with two empowering mantras,
and embroidered with six exclusive Emei symbols. It possesses tremendous regenerative universal energy
given to it through the empowerment process.

The Empowered Blanket is one of the most effective healing tools that Grandmaster Fu makes available for
everyday applications. It can be used in self-healing and healing others, in meditation practice, Feng Shui
adjustment, energetic clearings of persons, animals and places and to make qigong water.

The size of the blanket is 3 ft. x 3.5 ft and has an opening where you can insert a dowel to hang it. A handy,
hidden zipper is provided, making it ease to remove the magnetic lining prior to hand-washing in cold water.

Warning: People with a pacemaker or other metal medical devices in the body should remove the magnets before
using the Qigong Blanket for self-healing.


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