Emei Qigong Level 3 Seminar


Emei Qigong, Level 3 Seminar

Chan-Yi Jing Healing, is  a method to identify and address the root cause of illnesses. The course is based on the idea that stored energy in the body can cause health problems, and that by understanding how emotions affect the body, people can learn to release this energy and heal themselves.

The Emei Qigong Level 3 Seminar is divided into several sections, which cover the following topics:

  • Emotions that can turn into physical illnesses.
  • How emotions connect to different body parts and organs
  • Recognizing symptoms and their root causes
  • A technique called Ci Bei is used to release stored energy.
  • Healing the root cause of illness
  • Using a supplement called Meta-Qi Zhen

Who can take this course:

  • You need to have completed Emei Qigong Levels 1 and 2 to enroll in the program.

Course Structure:

  • It’s a 10-day intensive course.
  • Levels 1 and 2 techniques serve as the foundation for this advanced healing concept.
  • There’s a review of Levels 1 and 2 methods and techniques included.

Focus of the concept:

  • Primarily deals with “Post Birth” energy and conditions related to your life experiences.
  • However, understanding pre-birth concepts (before you were born) is also important for the complete healing picture.

In simpler terms, this course builds on your existing knowledge from Levels 1 and 2 to dive deeper into healing from life experiences (post-birth energy). While the main focus is on this, some exploration of pre-birth concepts helps you understand the bigger healing picture.

We are in the process of scheduling dates for the sping of 2024. Please feel to reach out with any questions.

Stan Pannone, Emei Qigong Master



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