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Emei Healing Mantra Audio (63 Minutes)


This audio features Grandmaster Fu chanting the Emei Universal Healing Mantra uninterrupted for a full 63 minutes.
Listen to the audio sample below.

The Emei Healing Mantra Audio was introduced by Grandmaster Fu and is a pure mantra in the sense that it has no meaning. That means that it is not programmed in any way, just pure sounds used together that have the ability to mobilize the universal energy. As practitioners, having this mantra available helps in so many ways.

Used in individual healings, practitioners can protect ourselves from absorbing other people energy “Qi”. This is very important in maintaining our own energies integrity and keeps us healthy and safe.

When used In group healings and meditations, the Mantra mobilizes the universal energy., which helps in bringing a supportive group energy into the sessions.

Practitioners also use it to “clear” negative or diseased energy when using our “transferring and clearing sessions“.

This audio is unique in that it runs continuously for 63 minutes, that’s 63 of uninterrupted chanting byGrandmaster Fu Wei Zhong. This is helpful to Emei practitioners during  in-person and distance “Qi Transmission Healing Sessions”.

Once an Emei cultivator connects with the Mantra, they bring harmony, balance and a sense of well being to their whole body.

A Mi Di Li Gong Zhen Hong


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