Private Sessions

Stan Pannone, Healing with Qi

Personal instruction and healing sessions are available by appointment. These personalized zoom sessions are also good if the regular class schedule is inconvenient for you. These sessions consists of qigong healing energy techniques, sound bath therapy and qigong distance energy healing. 

This past February, I did an interview with Barbara Heinemann discussing qigong distant energy techniques, qigong sound bath therapy, qigong healing energy techniques, and the principles of this amazing healing art, Emei Qigong.

This video is short excerpt from that video.

Personal Healing Sessions

These sessions are great if you or a loved one need extra energetic assistance to  empower the healing of your mind, body, and spirit.

You can experience the healing effects of Emei from wherever you are in the world through the power of qigong distant energy healing. Stan Pannone uses an empowered jade crystal along with the Meta-Zhen model to amplify universal healing energy. Then he uses his mind intention to direct the healing to you. Stan is also a certified sound healer and uses various healing sounds to generate Chakra-balancing and major organ support.

Personal Qigong Training Sessions

Would you like to learn a particular Emei Qigong Form, Technique, Micro Training, or Meditation? Contact Stan and set up an appointment below.

To set up a private session, please click on link below.Session Fees:  Up to 75 Minute Sessions/$75

If the available times on Stan's Schedule don't work for you
Healing with Qi