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Wuji Gong Book Digital

Wuji Gong is a deceptively simple practice. Easy to think it is similar to other forms. But it's actually unique from other forms. Truth being it has extraordinary effects. Both for health and spirituality when you practice correctly and diligently.

Even if you have done a level 1 training this book is invaluable for two reasons. 1. It is concise and complete, so it's a convenient reference manual. 2. Useful as a step-by-step guidebook to the form.

It can be difficult to remember all the concepts and ideas, so having a complete guide to the form, with all the details...that is written in ...that is written in Grandmaster Fu's own words can really create deeper layers of understanding.

Stan Pannone anf Grandmaster Fu

The more accurate your form is, the more you'll experience the benefits

Wuji Gong is a form that is more yin than other forms. It is designed to help open the central energy channel in the body. It's also helpful to release any blockages: mental, physical, or emotional. And finally, it enables the potential for spiritual enlightenment. Wuji Gong is a heart-centered practice. That's why ongoing practice helps in all areas of one's life. Energetic cultivation is a given.... if daily correct practice is followed. This text will help you do that.

This book is 100% about one form: Wuji Gong. It starts with a thorough discussion of the theory behind the form. If someone is really gifted at music, they can often play by ear without knowing the theory. Even so, those that end up learning theory have a deeper understanding of what they are doing. Same thing with qigong. Although qigong is more esoteric than music. So knowing the theory is quite important. This knowledge will absolutely deepen your practice.

The Wuji Gong book is well written and easy to follow and includes a step-by-step explanation of each movement in the form. You will learn proper breathing, mind intention and the purpose of each movement.

Zoom Qigong - Wuji Gong

Finally at the end there is a section titled: Following The Qi

Daily qigong routine - Wuji Gong

Many people have difficulty with the end section: Wuji state. This is where you allow your body to move from the influence of your qi, rather than mind intention. Grandmaster Fu very specifically describes what you need to do in order to obtain the Wuji State. If you've ever wondered if you are truly allowing the qi to move your body without interference from the mind, then This part will really help you understand what to do.

The qigong energy cultivation techniques taught in this book are natural, practical, and simple to learn. When you put this book's knowledge into practice,

You'll gain tremendous insight into Qi – the invisible link between mind and body. The mysterious connection between man and the universe.

When you understand how to cultivate and use the power of Qi, you will improve your health, further your spiritual path, and can even develop latent abilities. It's simple, but not easy. This book can be the roadmap for you. Grandmaster Fu has layed it all out here. You can follow in his footsteps down this treasured ancient path.

If you practice Wuji Gong, then this book is required reading. While it's a relatively short book, each page is packed with nuggets of wisdom.

Just one idea made crystal clear can completely change your perception. Allowing you to see what you couldn't before.

Wuji Gong Digital Book
Wuji Gong Digital Book

Here's one quick example. In the book, Grandmaster Fu uses a different word to describe the "Chaos" section of the form. This word is seldom heard in classes or training. However, knowing this word really helps to understand the Chaos section of the form. What its purpose is. And how best to accomplish this. That simple word: Self-Vibration. He explains in detail what this means and how to approach the Chaos section for maximum results.

Each new detail brings you closer to correct practice, which will ultimately create more long-lasting benefits from your practice.

Whether you want to learn the form solidly from the beginning or you are already a long-time student...the Wuji Gong Book is required reading for anyone practicing this wonderful form.

Pick up a digital copy today. 

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