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 Healing Sound Bath
3 Audios Available - Restore And 

The Emei Qigong 5 Elements Sound Bath Healing Meditation
Bringing Together Two Powerful Healing Forces

Many people have experienced a Healing Sound Bath and/or a chanting - toning session. People from different parts of the world have benefitted from using the Emei Qigong Sacred Healing Sounds. Using these sounds for healing goes back well over a thousand years. There is evidence that using Vibrational Sound Healing instruments goes back even further. Combining these two methods of healing allows us to immerse in the sound and achieve a deep, cleansing, space, for release and rejuvenation.
Before there was any variation of modern medicine, there were energetic protocols involving sound to vibrate and harmonize our bodies, particularly our organs. The Emei 5 Elements is a 48-minute Meditation/Healing that combines both “time honored” healing practices. This audio is studio quality and uses vibrational healing instruments from all over the world.
Listen To Sample Below:

How do the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds Work?

The Emei Sacred Healing Sounds are connected to all 5 Elements (seasons) and the frequency of our organs. Each of the 5 Elements is associated with a specific organ and each organ has a specific Sacred Healing Sound. The exception is Fire which has two sounds. When our organs are vibrating and in harmony, we are in a healthier state of being. These concepts all relate to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Fire (Heart, Zhen & Deng) Pronounced Jen & Dung

Metal (Lung, Shang)

Wood (Liver, Ge) Pronounced Guh

Earth (Spleen, Gong Guo) Pronounced Gong Gua

Water (Kidneys, Hei) Pronounced Hay

There are two additional Healing Sounds, the Stomach (Hai) pronounced Hi, and the Brain (Hong).

The other sounds that are chanted in the 5 Elements Healing Meditation are the Emei Universal Healing Mantra. This Mantra has no religious affiliation and or meaning.  The Emei Mantra unifies the universal energy field in group healing. Chanting, singing, toning, or listening with this mantra has a harmonizing effect on your whole body.

A, Mi, Di, Li, Gong, Zhen, Hong,
(Ah, Mee, Dee, Lee, Gong, Jen, Hong)

Emei 5 Elements Sound Bath Healing Meditation
Healing Sound Bath - Stan Panone
sound bath youtube

Qigong Music

Suzy Lopes, a trained Jazz Vocalist from CT was brought in to assist with the vocals. Her brilliant quality and spirituality are felt throughout this audio.

Suzy and I performed the 5 Elements Sound Bath Healing Meditation live throughout Connecticut with great success. The question was, can we capture the same “live sound” and “vibration” in a recording studio. The answer is yes.  

This audio was done almost exclusively live. My entire set of Gongs, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Brass Triangles, Chimes, Bells, and other healing instruments was set up and recorded along with our chanting, toning, and singing. We not only captured the live sound, but the Emei frequency and vibration was captured as well. The sounds are purely vibrational, you won’t find any electronics in any of my Vibrational Sound Healing Audios.

I get asked often if they can chant along with this audio. Absolutely, the sounds and healing vibrations are there for connection and healing. Many people just listen. This type of meditation is especially helpful for people who have a very active mind and find quieting the mind challenging.
Think of the sound replacing the repeated mantra, counting, or breathing that accompanies a more traditional meditation. By listening, the sound draws you into a deep, relaxing mediative state. This allows you to get past an overactive mind and your consciousness to reach levels that are difficult to obtain on your own. You can the then gently release unwanted emotions that arise during the healing/meditation.

Many people report feeling lighter and more connected to their inner self. The Emei 5 Elements Healing/Meditation audio can start you on a new path of health and happiness.

Vibrational Sound Therapy
A Deep, Soothing Audio Meditation

The Vibrational Sound Therapy Audio takes a different approach from our 5 Elements Sound Bath Healing.  It uses an instrumental approach to a Healing Sound Bath. Most of the instruments used in this audio are not used on the 5 Elements Sound Bath Meditation Audio.

We incorporated the soothing sounds of Monochords, Shruti Boxes, Temple Bowls, Brass Triangles, and several different Gongs.  This unique combination allows you to naturally reach a deep, mediative state just by listening and absorbing the sounds. The soft droning sounds of these instruments takes you deeper and allows you to gently release and restore your qi.

Recent Testimonial
‘Hi Stan,

 I listened to the audio last night in bed…with the Snow Moon shining brightly and I love it!  
What a beautiful creation.
Thank You…Henan…Samantha B,”

This studio quality audio is 58 minutes long but can be used in shorter segments. Perfect for meditation and reaching a deep relaxed state. The Vibrational Sound Therapy Audio helps with reducing the stress hormones in the body which results in less stress and anxiety.  Many people have reported a more restful night’s sleep.

Listen to a short audio sample below:

sound bath benefits

Qigong Meditation

The Standing Form “Feeling The Qi” Meditation Audio

 The Feeling the Qi Meditation Audio is the original studio recording using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bao Gongs and Crystal Bowls. It is the third audio of our Healing Sound Bath Collection. The full registration of sounds and vibrations help to stimulate your body energy field.

The Standing Form was brought to us by Qigong Master Young Zhang, Beijing China. During the teaching of this form, he recommended that I put together an audio track that would deepen the practice and enhance the effectiveness of the form. The Standing Form “Feeling The Qi” Meditation Audio does just that and more.

Since introducing the “Feel The Qi” Meditation audio, many people have been using it with The Standing Form. The form along with the audio is designed too easily connect with the Universal energy while balancing our 5 Elements and Yin/Yang Energy.

There are also many people who like the long, smooth tones for still or seated meditations as well. Its simplicity and clarity offer a beautiful backdrop or focal point to relax and go deep within yourself.

This Healing Sound Bath audio
 concentrates mainly on Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal Bowls. To extend the range of vibrational sounds, we added a touch of melody with our Bao Gongs.

The Standing Form “Feeling the Qi” Audio Meditation is studio quality and is approximately 45 minutes long.

Take a moment to hear an audio sample below:

Thank you for checking out my blog post, for questions or comments, feel free to reach out. Looking forward to hearing from you. Contact for more information

Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master