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Healing Arts of Emei Qigong - Digital

If you are serious about practicing Qigong for healing, then this book is important for you. “The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong” by Grandmaster Fu contains foundational information on the Emei Qigong Healing System.

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Qigong

Healing Arts of Emei Qigong Book

The material in this book is much more than just techniques. It contains the philosophies, ideas, and techniques of this unique healing system handed down orally for over 800 years. This book also explains why this healing system is so effective and used by people all over the world. Grandmaster Fu began teaching Emei Qigong techniques throughout China in 1985. These techniques have been hidden for generations. Thanks to his dedication and desire to help with the pain and suffering in the world, this information is available for us to learn from.

Healing Arts of Emei Qigong Book

“The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong” book includes all the material presented in our 3/4 day Level 1 Seminar. The book has 30 Chapters and 151 pages. But it is knowledge dense. Each page is packed with many insights.

Healing Arts of Emei-Digital
Mount Emei Summit

Emei Qigong’s View of Human Illness. What causes illness?

This unique viewpoint on the 5 causes of human illness is essential for understanding how to deal with any and all health challenges.

The information in this chapter is important to understand the illness, but even more importantly, how to stay healthy. This vantage point of creating energetic balance in our bodies brings in the concept of the 5 elements, sometimes referred to as the 5 movements. It also refers to the 6 energies of the world. This information in this chapter starts you on a path of understanding and obtaining good health. Once you understand the concepts, you are on your way to understanding how to treat human illness.

How to Sustain Happiness

This chapter helps one to understand the built-in patterns that keep many people from ever achieving happiness. People often say, if I only won the Lottery, if I only had this or that. We often desire material possessions and are detached from the real concepts of happiness. When learning the concepts in this chapter, most people have an Aha moment.

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Healing Arts of Emei-Digital

They are often surprised to learn that there is a transformation between suffering and happiness. This transformation is actually positive. The Sustain Happiness Chapter dives into the traditional Chinese theory of the 7 emotions.

Learn about the root and origin of suffering. Then learn about changing perspective and how practicing internal and external cultivation will set you on a path of sustained happiness.  

Understanding the Human Body Life Energy Field

The Life Energy Field is a manifestation of universal energy. When we are alive, the life energy field is connected to the physical body. It is often called an aura.

Once we understand our life energy field, we can then learn how to strengthen and balance our energy. A strong energy field helps immunity, vitality, and overall well-being.

Life Energy Field
Empowered Jade Medallion

Empowered Jade Medallion

Emei Qigong Healing Methods

Emei Qigong is a practice built specifically for healing. This Healing Arts is filled with information on self-healing and healing others.

There is in-depth information on every facet:
Qi Transmission Healing
Distance Healing
Using Empowered Objects
Universal Mantra Qi Transmission
Emei Sacred Healing Sounds

It's All Here!    

Plus, many other topics for practicing and cultivating Qigong

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Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master