Frequently Asked Questions - What Is Qigong?

What is Qigong?

Within traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong is an ancient system for health and healing. It involves meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises to help cultivate Qi and helps to restore its free flow throughout
the body.

Why is Emei Qigong Different?

Emei teachings and techniques have been passed down from lineage holder to lineage holder for over 800 years.
It uses heart-centered philosophy and teaches techniques that clear negative issues from the past, creating a fresh basis for one's future behavior, actions, and consciousness.

 How Old is Qigong?

The origin of Qigong dates back thousands of years and Emei is nearly 800 years old. 


Where Can I Study Qigong? 

Emei Qigong originated in China, it has spread and grown in the US and in many parts of the world. There are classes, trainings and private sessions available on a regular basis.
The last few years Emei Qigong has grown internationally using Zoom and other similar apps. Live in-person classes are slowly being introduced and implemented back into our group practices.

How do I pronounce Qigong?

Chee Gong… How do I pronounce Emei Qigong? Err-may Chee Gong.

What can I expect if I take an Emei Qigong Class?

Our Emei Qigong classes offer something for everyone. If you are a casual participant who wants to relax and relieve stress in a friendly atmosphere, its perfect. If you are a more serious student, we offer teachings that are a lifetime of learning that will enhance your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
Link to class schedule

How much experience do I need to take a Level 1 Training?

Anyone on any level can benefit from participating in a level 1 Seminar. You will leave with a foundation of
knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Among the topics…5 causes of illness…In-Depth study of the Wuji Gong Form…Understanding Karma and Yin & Yang in relation to our health… Using Empowered Objects for healing and meditation, Qi transmission healing techniques …and much more…link to seminar page


5 Element Qigong

What products are available to help learn the Emei Qigong System?

We have printed books, CD's and DVD's available for purchase along with digital downloads to support your learning process. In addition, Empowered Objects are also readily available.

Does Emei Qigong use mind intention for healing?

There is a saying in Emei Qigong… " Where the mind goes energy will follow"
Using mind intention can be helpful as part of our practice to help direct the Qi…However, using only mind intention can cause the body to leak your Qi which will eventually cause imbalances in your body.

Can Qigong Strengthen the Kidneys or other Organs

The Kidneys are related to our longevity and our life force (Jing). Emei Qigong is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy of the 5 elements.
Each Element is associated with a season, and a Yin and Yang Organ.
Emei Qigong offers specific micro training techniques, healing sounds, and Qigong breathing exercises to balance and
fortify each of the associated organs. For example, there are several techniques that are available for the Kidneys.
The Kidneys are associated with the Water Element and the season of winter. The Water Element is also the most Yin of all the Elements.

To strengthen and balance our Kidney Qi, we use a specific Healing Sound Hei (pronounced Hay) along with specific breathing techniques and movements to create energetic support for that organ.

What is Qigong Breathing?

Emei Qigong has very powerful breathing techniques that focus on breathing in harmony with nature. Emei Qigong
natural breathing method combines opening your chest while breathing into your Lower Dantian (belly).
Qigong breathing helps center the awareness of your body, rather than in your head. By doing these techniques you
will feel more physically and energetically grounded.


When is the Best Time to practice Qigong?

Qigong can be practiced anytime however different times of the day may produce slightly different results. As an example, morning qigong, the time of Yang, it may feel more energetic than practicing in the early evening, the time of Yin.
 One of the strongest times to practice Qigong is either 12 noon or 12 midnight.
During the 24-hour cycle, there is continually changing process and a constant transference of energy between Yin and Yang.
Midnight is the time of Maximum Yin and Minimum Yang.
High noon is the time of Maximum Yang and
Minimum Yin.
For example, Night Yin, (Dark, Coolness) flows into Day Yang (light, warmth), Day, Yang (light, warmth) flows into night, Yin, (Dark, Coolness).
Although they seem to exist on their own, Yin and Yang cannot exist without each other. 

How does Qigong Heal?

The healing power of Emei Qigong can be extraordinary. Emei Qigong teaches how to easily and safely self-generate Qi. We use gentle body movements, qigong breathing, meditation, visualization and sound to move and balance our Qi (energy)
Practicing Emei Qigong helps balance Qi deficiencies (or excesses) while helping release trapped emotions that can manifest into physical ailments.
 It also aids with relieving stress and gives energetic support to our organs. It is an excellent way to maintain and improve your health.

Does Qigong use Sound as Therapy to Support the Healing Process?

Emei Qigong uses the very powerful Emei Sacred Healing Sounds and the Emei Universal Mantra to balance our
organs and harmonize our body. These wonderful sound resources are performed by Grandmaster Fu, can be listened to and/or chanted with and uses the "Emei Frequency" for internal cultivation.

What is the 5 Elements Sound Healing

Recently, a 5 Element Sound Healing Meditation Audio Track has been created to provide another powerful method
to help with the healing and balancing process. This combines the use of the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds and Universal Mantra with other vibrational instruments that are used for healing and meditation.
The 48-minute audio track, includes the sounds of Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Ting-Sha, Shruti Boxes, Bells and Chimes.
The Emei Qigong 5 Elements Healing Meditation is beneficial as a relaxing meditation or healing therapy.
Click Here: 5 Elements Sound Healing 

Sound Healing Meditation Instruments