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Immerse yourself in a special 45-minute guided meditation that harnesses the profound power of the Emei Universal Mantra. This healing experience is facilitated by Emei Qigong Master Stan Pannone, who taps into the energy of the mantra to facilitate deep healing. Through a combination of visualization, focused intention, and nearly 45 minutes of intensive chanting, the Emei Universal Mantra Healing Session Session promises to be truly impactful.

Break Up Patterns of Negative Karma

The Emei Universal Mantra Healing Meditation serves to dissolve the karmic imprints accumulated throughout your life, which can have long-lasting effects on your present circumstances. Negative thoughts and actions can disrupt the body's energy flow, leading to imbalance. However, this potent guided meditation is designed to break patterns of disease and disruption, alleviating "Qi Stagnation" that impedes progress.

Emei Universal Mantra Healing Session
Emei Qigong Frequency

By participating in this session, you will receive an accelerated infusion of the mantra's energetic frequency. What might have taken weeks or months of personal chanting can be achieved in under an hour. Furthermore, the group dynamic amplifies the energy, leading to potentially transformative effects that may manifest within 24-48 hours after the meditation.

It is important to note that this healing experience differs significantly from traditional guided meditations. The force behind the mantra, chanted by Certified Emei Qigong Teachers, carries immense power. The mantra itself holds no religious affiliation or specific meaning; instead, it was meticulously crafted by Grandmaster Fu to tap into universal energy and promote harmony within the entire body.

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong

A Unique and Rare Opportunity to Receive
The Emei Universal Mantra Healing

The Emei Universal Mantra Healing Meditation represents a hidden gem within the Emei Qigong System and is typically reserved exclusively for participants of our 2023 Emei Qigong Level 1 Seminar. However, we are extending a special opportunity for other Qigong Practitioners to experience this healing session for a nominal fee of $18.

Reserve Your Spot by Registering Below

The Universal Mantra Healing Session is scheduled for Tuesday, July 11th, starting promptly at 4:45 pm MST (Arizona Time)/7:45 ET (New York Time).

To secure your spot, kindly register in advance by clicking the link provided below. Once registered, you will receive a Zoom link via email to access the session.

Please note that registration for the Mantra Healing Session will close on Tuesday, July 11th, at 1 pm MST (Arizona Time).

The Emei Universal Mantra Healing Session

We look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary healing experience. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

To participate in the Emei Universal Mantra Healing Session, kindly click the link provided to complete your registration:

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Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master