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Emei Qigong Reaches New Heights

Emei Qigong Seven Levels of Wisdom reached a pinnacle in the fall of 2023. Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, the 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Qigong, visited Reno, Nevada, unveiling the profound teachings of advanced Emei Qigong.

Across 16 transformative days, he conducted an intensive teacher training program that drew dedicated students from across the United States and Australia. 

These individuals were driven by a shared passion to deepen their understanding and practice of Emei Qigong, eager to unlock its mysteries and reap its profound benefits.

Achieving Level 7 Status

Among these committed learners, nine advanced teachers achieved the prestigious Level 7 status, the highest level in Emei Qigong. This accomplishment enables them to provide training across all levels, from 1 to 6.

The gathering was a wonderful opportunity for growth, connection, and the sharing of wisdom, further strengthening the global community of Emei Qigong practitioners.

Emei Qigong Level 7 Teachers

The Emei Qigong Master's Journey Begins with the First Step

Each level of Emei Qigong builds upon the previous one, guiding practitioners through a comprehensive journey of physical, energetic, and spiritual development.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit, and to share the benefits of Qigong with others.

The following information outlines the 7 levels of Emei Qigong.

Emei Qigong Level 1 Seminar

Emei Qigong 7 Levels of Wisdom Foundational Training

This Level 1 Emei Qigong Seminar offers a transformative introduction to practicing qigong, tailored to beginners and experienced practitioners. Participants will learn to align their energy with universal energy, fostering an effortless flow in their lives and enhancing overall vitality.

Emei Healing Arts Level 1 Seminar

Key Benefits:

Effortless Life Flow: Align your energy with universal forces to smooth life’s ups and downs.

Energy Balancing Insights: Understand and apply the fundamental theories of Emei Qigong to balance your energy field.

Skill Development: Master techniques using the Universal Healing Mantra, The Sacred Healing Sounds, and “Qi” transfer to boost health and wellness.

Seminar Features:

5 Element Qigong and Wuji Gong Training: Learn these core practices that are a foundation for Emei Qigong Training.

Identify the 5 causes of Illness: Understand how to amplify healing by attracting universal energy.

Protective and Healing Techniques: Incorporate techniques using Empowered Objects and the Emei Universal Mantra for Meditation, Protection, and Healing.

Organ Energy Balancing: Start using the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds and Qigong Movements to harmonize the energy of internal organs.

Emei Qigong 7 Levels of Wisdom

Emei Qigong Level 1 Seminar Structure:

This comprehensive three-day seminar combines theory with practical skills and spiritual insights. The highlight is a powerful Emei Universal Mantra Healing session on the second day, which marks a pivotal point in the participant’s journey toward energy mastery.

This seminar is essential for anyone aiming to access the profound benefits of qigong for a more balanced and harmonious life.
Click Here for More Info on the Emei Level 1 Seminar

Level 2 Seminar: Changing the Moving Program of Life

Changing the Moving Program of Life

The Emei 7 Levels of Wisdom features a unique   Level 2 Seminar. Participants explore the main ideas of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the five elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—that define our energetic makeup.

Every person has a unique mix of elements that affect our thoughts, actions, and health. By understanding our energetic weakness, we can apply balancing and support to strengthen our main body element.  

This is done through specific meditation and 5 Element practices that target balancing these energies within the body.

Key Insights of the Emei Qigong Level 2 Seminar:

Identify Your Weak Element: Find out what element shows where you're weakest energetically, a crucial step in breaking free from repetitive life patterns.

Achieve Balance and Harmony. The seminar offers practical techniques to strengthen your balancing element. This helps harmonize the other four elements, leading to new viewpoints and options in life.

Enhanced Self and Interpersonal Understanding: Gain the skills to determine not only your balancing element but also those of friends and family, enhancing relationships and personal growth.

Practical Tools and Training: Participants receive a comprehensive manual, a model of the human body for practicing energy work and engage in Qigong Distance Healing to help themselves and others.

Empowerment Healing Session: Experience a direct transmission of Qi to open the "heaven’s door" point on your head, deepening your understanding and application of these transformative principles.

This seminar offers a pivotal opportunity for individuals ready to shift their life’s direction by understanding and applying the wisdom of energetic balance.
Click Here For More Info on Emei Level 2 Seminar

Emei Level 3 Seminar: Healing Heart Energy

The Emei Level 3 Seminar, titled "Clearing the Energetic Root Cause of Disease," is an intensive course designed for those who have completed Levels 1 and 2 and are ready to delve deeper into the transformative power of Chan–Yi Jing Healing.

This advanced training focuses on understanding and addressing the energetic origins of disease, which are often intertwined with our destiny and personal karmic lessons.

Emei Qigong Level 3 Chan Yi Jing Healing

Key Components of the Emei Level 3 Seminar:

Understanding Disease and Destiny: Explore how every illness has an energetic root connected to our karma and destiny.

Emotions and Health: Learn the hidden connections between thoughts, feelings, and physical health. Participants will gain skills in "reading" bodily symptoms as energetic messages that signal underlying issues.

Energy Block Release Techniques: Master techniques such as Cei Bei and advanced Meta Qi Zhen Training, aimed at releasing residual energy that causes disharmony.

Counteracting Emotional Reactions: Acquire strategies to break free from negative emotional patterns triggered by external stimuli.

Harmonizing Heart Energy: Connect with Wuji Qi to restore balance within your subtle energy system, facilitating deeper healing and personal empowerment.

Seminar Goals: This training is not merely about treating symptoms but understanding and transforming the energetic cause of health issues. It empowers participants to navigate life's challenges with wisdom and compassion, ultimately reclaiming control over their health and destiny.

Duration and Prerequisites: The seminar spans 10 days and is available to individuals who have completed the first two levels of Emei Qigong training.
Click Here For More Info on Emei Level 3 Seminar

Emei Qigong 7 Levels of Wisdom Level 3

The Emei Level 3 Training allows you  take significant control over their health and well-being by exploring deep spiritual and energetic healing techniques, the Emei Level 3 Seminar offers an unparalleled opportunity.

This training not only broadens your personal knowledge but also enhances your capacity to improve the well-being of others.

Emei Qigong Level 4 Teachers Training

The Emei Level 4 Teachers Training represents a significant advancement for practitioners eager to master Emei Qigong and start teaching others.

Regarded as the "graduation" from the foundational stages of Emei Qigong, this training prepares participants to become skilled instructors, capable of guiding others through the intricate practices of this ancient healing art.

Emei Qigong Level 4 Teachers Training

Highlights of the Level 4 Training:

Study in-Depth: The  Healing Arts of Emei Qigong book authored by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong.

Teaching Techniques: Participants will learn effective methods to instruct others in the movements and meditations of Emei Qigong, enhancing both personal and collective well-being.

Advanced Meta-Qi Zhen: Building on previous levels, Level 4 introduces more sophisticated techniques to channel inner energy for healing.

Four Pillars Analysis: This advanced segment dives deeper into diagnosing the root causes of energy imbalances and diseases, enabling targeted healing strategies.

Group Healing: Learn to conduct sessions that harness the collective energy of groups, amplifying the healing effects.

Healing Past Karma: Explore methods to address and heal pre-birth and karmic imbalances.

Removing Energy Blockages: Gain knowledge and learn techniques to clear negative energy, to restore natural energy flow.

Include Chan Concepts: In your daily Qigong practice.

Practical Application: Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, trainees will practice these new skills extensively, ensuring they are well-prepared to teach and inspire others effectively.

Join the Journey: Level 4 is ideal for those passionate about deepening their Emei Qigong practice and committed to spreading this knowledge.
Click Here For More Emei Level 4 Teachers Training

If you are prepared to empower others and share the profound benefits of Emei Qigong, Level 4 Teachers Training is your next great adventure

Emei Qigong Practice

This training not only improves your skills but also increases your ability to have a positive effect on the well-being of others.

This transformative training is a call to those ready to take a significant step forward in their personal and professional development.

Emei Qigong Level 5 Training

The training prepares participants to teach the Level 2 and BiGu Seminars.

This four-day seminar is led by a Certified Level 7 Emei Teacher and is designed for students who have completed Levels 1 through 4.

The training equips participants with important skills and knowledge to effectively teach and mentor others in these subjects.
Click Here For More Information on Emei Level 5 Seminar

Emei Qigong Level 5

Emei Qigong Level 6 Training

Emei Qigong Level 6

Level 6 offers specialized training in teaching the Level 3 curriculum. This six-day seminar, led by a Certified Level 7 Emei Teacher, focuses on detailed practice of Level 3 techniques and methods.

The seminar is available to students who have completed Levels 1 through 5.

The training gives participants the necessary skills and knowledge to teach and mentor others in these topics.

Click Here For More Information on Emei Level 6 Training 

Emei Qigong Level 7 Training - Emei Qigong 7 Levels of Wisdom

Level 7 Training is more than a series of exercises; it is a transformative process that brings practitioners closer to the ultimate goal of qigong mastery. This journey requires dedication, patience, and an open heart, as students are encouraged to push their boundaries and explore the depths of their potential.

Through this advanced training, practitioners improve their physical skills and develop a deep sense of spiritual and emotional well-being. The knowledge and techniques learned at this level help with personal growth, healing, and enlightenment.

Emei Qigong Level 7 Training

Embrace the Challenge - Emei Qigong 7 Levels of Wisdom

The Emei Qigong Level 7 Training invites you to embrace the challenge and explore the full spectrum of your capabilities. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Emei Qigong and emerge as a more skilled, enlightened, and balanced individual. Join us on this extraordinary journey and unlock the secrets of high-level qigong practice.

Visit my website, EmeiQiGongHarmony.com, to download FREE Qigong videos and discover why Qigong is one of the fastest-growing health sciences in the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stan Pannone Emei Qigong Master

About The Author

Stan Pannone is a 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master. He recently completed his Level 7 Training with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, the   13th Lineage Holder of Emei Qigong.

Stan teaches a full schedule of online and in-Person Classes, Seminars, and Training. He is also available for Private Training and Healing Sessions.

If you have any questions, or wish to know more about Stan,s services and what he offers, don't hesitate to contact him directly. He'll be more than happy to assist you.

Stan Pannone Qigong Master
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