The Emei Healing Mantra Audio (63 Minutes of Continuous Chanting)

The Emei Healing Mantra Audio, introduced by Grandmaster Fu, is a pure mantra composed solely of sounds without any inherent meaning. This unique quality allows it to mobilize universal energy effectively. As practitioners, having access to this mantra offers numerous benefits:

Listen and practice with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, 13th Lineage Hilder of Emei Qigong.

This audio is an invaluable tool for Emei practitioners, facilitating personal and group healing with its continuous and powerful chant.

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The Emei Healing Mantra Audio is an MP3 File that is downloadable and can be used on your desktop computer or mobile device. To download the audio file, click the button below. To save on your computer, right click and click save as. You will find the file in your downloads file on your computer.

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With Gratitude,
Stan Pannone, 14th Generation

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Healing with Qi
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