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Thank You For Supporting Emei Qigong

For the past 16 years I have enjoyed practicing, cultivating, and sharing the knowledge that I have learned from many great teachers, including Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong.

Part of the learning process is to help  
other people as well.

In our case, Healing with Qi is helping to spread this incredible healing art too as many people around the world as possible. Donations for our classes go a long to defray our costs and are greatly appreciated.

 Suggested donations are $5 per class or $25 for unlimited classes during the month.

 We appreciate your support!

Stan Pannone, 14th Generation
Emei Qigong Master
Healing with Qi

To Join Our Classes Please Use The Link Below. It Goes Directly To Our Healing with Qi, Emei Zoom Room

" Discover The Healing Power of Emei Qigong"

These short videos will give you an experience of feeling your qi. You'll get a brief experience of chanting the universal healing Mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and finally some simple qigong movements The Standing Form.

After trying these videos check out Stan Pannone Calendar for class dates and times.