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Throughout the centuries jade stone healing properties have been used to promote physical and emotional healing. Jade is categorized as one of the eight types of precious metals/stones containing precious energy information.

There are not many different types of matter with this kind of high-quality energy. Yet they comprise more than 30% of all the essential energy in the world, including diamonds, crystals, pearls, gold, and silver. There is a famous old saying in China, “If it is rare, it is precious”. This refers primarily to the high-quality energy information that jade contains.

Jade is the third highest crystal for healing, according to Daoists.  The first being diamond. The second being crystal. Jade is said to be the stone that has attained the highest state of alchemical perfection or completion.

Meaning that all other stones are trying to evolve into Jade. "In Daoist symbolism, the enlightened consciousness is often described as a piece of pure jade" (From Seven Taoist Masters- trans. by Eva Wong)

Healing Properties of Jade Stone

Jade Stone Is Also Known As The Archetypal Stone Of Longevity

True Jade is rare and thus quite expensive. There are many kinds of inexpensive "false" jade that do not have healing or metaphysical properties because they are not made from naturally occurring high energetic frequency material.

Why You Should Use Green Jade Stone

While Jade comes in a variety of colors, green jade is notable for physical/emotional healing, spiritual cultivation, and enlightenment. Green is related to physical healing.

Jade healing properties are believed to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and support the immune system. 

The healing properties of jade provides a calming and soothing effect on the whole body. Also helping to naturally detoxify the entire body. The regular use of Jade brings balance to the body, mind, and spirit. It will also encourage creativity and help you to have greater mental clarity.

Green jade represents the virtue of righteousness, Yi, which means to live with integrity. Being consistent in all your actions, without any pretense. Yi is associated with your heart. All healing ultimately comes from the heart. 

Healing gemstone

Green jade is also associated with benevolence and compassion and enhances the concept of wood energy in your body. Because of it's assistance with growth, it helps with periods of transition.

Crystal Healing

How Jade Stone Awakens Spiritual Awareness

Jade is meant to awaken higher spiritual awareness in human beings. To strive towards the highest levels of self-cultivation. To become an Immortal.  

Even though jade has many healing benefits for physical healing, its focus is spiritual rather than on gross health concerns. When used for healing and meditation, Jade can bring positive synchronicities into your life and encourage spiritual growth.

In the original Daoist form of Chinese Medicine, there is a system of four stages which every human being must pass through to actualize their full personal spiritual potential and become an Immortal. 

The first stage is to recognize and separate what parts of us are pure from those which are impure: 

The second stage is to break up the internal stagnations and impure accumulations inside of us, so they can be cleared.

The third stage is to let in the light to transform our mind and body. The fourth stage is to manifest and stabilize our highest spiritual development. 

The empowered jade is particularly useful for the fourth stage but can be helpful for all other stages as well.

Why Everyone Should Have A Jade In Their Home

Having a jade stone in your home promotes healing and protection. One of the healing properties of jade is to ward off negative energy. It does this by encouraging the energy of peace and harmony.

Simply having a piece of jade in your home will help to create an energy field of harmony. Jade is the ultimate feng shui tool for any indoor or outdoor space.

precious stone necklace
Empowered Jade Medallion

Empowered Jade Medallion

What Does It Mean To Have A Physical Object Empowered?

Any crystal can and will absorb negative emotions. However, an empowered jade is enabled to transmute the negative energy so that it does not accumulate in the jade.

Meaning that it never needs to be cleansed. The chanting and spiritual connection to the special symbols and mantras, allows the Empowered Jade to absorb and neutralize negative and disruptive energy.

The Empowered Jade Medallion has undergone a process of the vibration of 5000 sayings of the healing mantra. 

 It also contains all the 5 elements energies. (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) So one of the healing properties of this empowered jade is to balance the five different energies in your body.

Although it's easy to be skeptical of this kind of thing, it's hard to argue with the tangible results many people report.

I use the Empowered Jade every day for my own personal healing. I also use the meta-physical jade most days to provide healing sessions for individuals and groups. Most typically done within the context of a guided meditation.

"The Meta-physical jade is created with the use of mind intention and visualization".

How To Use The Empowered Jade Medallion For Powerful Healing

The initial Jade training is in "The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong Book", by Emei Grandmaster, Fu Wei Zhong. The number of uses to use the jade is limited only by your imagination. Real quick, here are a few of the many ways to use the jade.

1. Simply hold the empowered jade in your hands. You can use this to absorb the positive energy. Or if you are in a bad emotional state, it will help you let go of the negative emotion more quickly. You can meditate while holding the jade to reach deeper states.

2. Gently gaze at the jade to develop your third eye. This will help you to be more intuitive and more receptive to the qi information you receive in your qigong practice and at other times as well.

3. Used with Level 2 "Changing The Moving Program of Life Meditation" for cultivating your missing energetic element, ie. (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal).

Experience The Healing Properties of An Empowered Green Jade Medallion

You only need to take a little bit of time each day to practice with the jade. When you do you will gradually build a relationship with the jade.  Once you connect with the energy of the Empowered Jade, you have a personal healing “friend” for life.

Using Jade is very powerful by itself. By practicing with the physical jade, you'll be able to create a metaphysical jade in your mind.

With regular use, the Empowered Jade will become a metaphysical healing tool.

So without using the physical Jade, with your mind, you'll be able to access a metaphysical jade that is available to you at any time wherever you are. The metaphysical jade can also be used for distance healing too.

Enhances spirituality

Adjusts Feng Shui

Balances the life energy field

Reduces pain and inflammation

Strengthens vitality

With proper training anyone can learn these powerful healing techniques, to help heal any illness or injury.

Whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual.  Training is readily available for its many uses. Either through books, seminars/workshops, or personal one-on-one sessions.

Empowered Jade Medallions and other Emei Empowered objects are available.

Click below for more information and purchase options.

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Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master