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Thank you for your interest. I have been teaching and practicing this amazing healing art for over 16 years and love teaching people the benefits of qigong. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments.  Contact me directly by filling out the form below.   I will get back to you shortly. Stan Pannone, Healing with Qi

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In the Meantime...

If you would like some information on the benefits of qigong, check out some of my other web pages. We have a full schedule of weekly Zoom classes as well as local events. Click on links below. 

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If you haven't already, take advantage of our FREE Qigong Video offer below.

"Discover The Healing Power of Emei Qigong"
Healing with Qi

You'll get a brief experience of chanting the universal healing mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and some simple qigong movements from The Standing Form. All of these videos are based on the principles of qigong energy healing.

Healing with Qi
Vail (Tucson) Arizona USA
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of Qigong
Call/Text: 520-261-6443