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About Stan Pannone, Qigong Master

"Being  able to improve your health using Emei Qigong is a life-changing experience. 
Creating balance in your own life has a cascading positive effect on everyone around you.
Emei Qigong has motivated me to help people heal themselves".
(Stan Pannone, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master)
Healing with Qi
Stan Pannone

Stan Pannone's Journey

Stan Pannone began his spiritual path in his early twenties with Transcendental Meditation. He practiced diligently  for over ten years.  Even at a young age he realized the importance of taking time to create space. Serious  practice of TM opened the concept of going beyond his awareness.

His fascination with Eastern cultures led him to Tang Soo Do Karate. (Tae Kwan Do)  Stan earned his black belt at 40 which took incredible self-discipline. "That effort has served me well in Emei."  Being an external hard-style martial art with over fourteen forms to learn, practice, and teach, this eventually took a physical toll. So he made a gradual switch to yoga, until discovering qigong in 2006.  He has also  studied Acupressure, Reflexology and Chinese Astrology.

Discovered Chinese Healing

Stan began training qigong in 2006 with qigong master Dr. Ming Wu, who was also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. His teachings came from a family tradition. Stan learned about Chinese herbs, Tong Ren Therapy and an array of other healing techniques. "His weekly classes were really powerful and I learned some very useful healing techniques along with the concept of working within a group energy field." 

After studying two years with Dr. Ming Wu, Stan was introduced to Emei Qigong by Master Patricia Bolger. "I was captivated by the connection I had with the Emei System. The great thing about Emei is the forms are all based on healing, balancing yin/yang, and stimulating the 5 elements in your body." He then began formal training  and completed  Level 1, 2, and 3 over the next three years.

"I was fascinated with the empowered objects and began using the Jade and the Meta Qi-Zhen to help myself and others. The shift that happened in my own personal life was really making a huge impact on me. I became more calm and patient, had less stress, and was less reactive. Most importantly, I was able to step back and allow the "Qi" to help resolve issues. Qigong is quite subtle but the change comes slowly in a very powerful way."
Discovering Healing with Qi has added an incredibly positive layer to my life.  

Stan Pannone Studied in China with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong

In 2014 Stan took an enormous step forward by going to China to study directly with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong.

At that time he participated in the twenty-day Level 4 training to earn his teaching certification for Emei Qigong. "The training went incredibly deep. You had to be all-in to make it through." A few years later Stan did Level 5 with Grandmaster Fu.  And in 2019 he hosted a Level 4 training for other Emei teachers at his house. "I can hardly believe all the personal time I had with Grandmaster Fu, and the wisdom he shared during late-night conversations" This year Stan will complete Level 6 which will allow him to teach all three levels of Emei. Within the larger Emei Healing system framework, Stan has focused on sound healing. Having studied with renowned sound-healing teacher, Ed Cleveland, Stan became a Certified Sound Healer in 2017. His lifelong history as a musician attracted him to using sound to heal.

Stan Pannone anf Grandmaster Fu

Played Music Early On

As a child he played guitar, playing in his first band at age 12. Then switching to bass because of greater work opportunities. He also played blues harmonica.  Stan played in several bands encompassing nearly every genre. Later he got involved in a jazz, rock, and blues band. Entertaining many audiences in art galleries, wineries, and clubs. "I always had an interest in the effect that music had on a person's mood and the role that it played in society."

Learned Vibrational Sound Therapy

First he started learning about sound baths. Then he began to study and play vibrational and hand-held healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, monochord, and shruti box,  and many more. "I totally fell in love with the concept of extending my healing practice using sound therapy." A few years ago he started recording sound meditations and Emei chanting. He dedicated himself to building a catalog of meditation-style music and chanting, using vibrational instruments only. No synthesized music... just pure traditional vibrational-style sounds.

Recent Testimonial
"Hi Stan, I listened to the audio last night in bed...with the Snow Moon shining brightly and I love it! What a beautiful creation.
Thank You...Henan...Samantha B."

Developed Powerful Audio Track

Acting on suggestion of Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, Stan developed a powerful sound healing meditation titled, "Emei Qigong 5 Element Sound Healing". (Click below to hear an audio sample) The complete audio is 48 minutes and includes sacred healing sounds, healing mantra, and vibrational instruments for healing: including Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Ting-Sha, Shruti Boxes, Monochords, Bells, and Chimes. "I'm excited to be creating again in a way that helps myself and other people.
I believe what truly makes my vibrational music more effective for healing is that it is infused with the Emei frequency. I regularly chant, use mind intention, empowered objects and Emei healing techniques while playing and recording."

Stan Pannone Vibrational Sound Therapy

A Lifelong Student

Stan Pannone has wholly embraced Emei and integrated it into his daily life. His students describe him as modest, hard-working, with a good sense of humor. In short Stan lives what he teaches. Stan teaches weekly Zoom classes on qigong and meditation, as well as private healing sessions. Throughout the year he does level 1, 2, and 3 seminars on Emei Qigong. Level 1 being foundational knowledge and teaching of the Wuji Gong form. Level 2 about 5 Element Theory. And Level 3 about Emei healing methods.

"Discover The Healing Power of
Emei Qigong"

Healing with Qi

These short videos will give you an experience of feeling your qi. You'll get a brief experience of chanting the universal healing mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and finally some simple qigong
  movements from The Standing Form