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Discover The Rare Healing System From China, Passed Down From One Monk To The Next For Nearly Eight Hundred Years!

Lineage is the definition (or connection) of how qigong methods are passed down. This is important because, without a direct connection grounded in solid energetic methods, most of your efforts can be wasted.

The Emei Qigong Healing System has an unbroken lineage of almost 800 years. Based on a specific healing frequency that originated at Emei Mountain in China. This energetic frequency is at the heart of all the Emei teachings.... whether qigong, meditation, chanting, or sound healing.

Emei is a complete healing system encompassing energetic cultivation through several different tools including sound, movement, and breathing.

"Discover The Healing Power of
 Emei Qigong"

These short videos will give you an experience of feeling your qi. You'll get a brief experience of chanting the universal healing mantra, the Chaos section of Wuji Gong, and finally  some simple qigong movements from
The Standing Form... Discover Healing with Qi.

Emei Qigong

Emei Qigong Literally Means "Energy Work"

 Working with the energy of your body is critical for optimal health and well-being. The Emei healing frequency will help guide you keeping you grounded while you balance your energy. Often qigong is taught as a form of exercise, NOT as a form of energy balancing. Seldom is it taught the way it was intended. As an internal energetic cultivation.

 The Emei Qigong Healing system is specifically designed for health and spiritual development. In fact, it holds open the possibility of sudden enlightenment at any time for everyone.

Why It's Important To Keep Your Qi Moving

The energy in your body naturally wants to keep flowing. If it didn't your body wouldn't stay alive. But many things can happen to interfere. Your energy can get stuck or start flowing in the wrong direction. This is how disease starts to manifest.

Our energy is directly tied to our emotions. When we feel stress, grief, or anger...there is a specific negative energetic impact. Left unaddressed this can easily turn into illness.

Emei healing methods help you to stay in balance and keep your energy flowing smoothly. Best of all this is done through positive means with no ill side effects. The more you practice the more you continue to increase your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Chan Meditation
Summit on-Mount Emei

How To Become In Greater Alignment With Universal Energy  (Tao, Wuji, God)

The Emei Qigong Healing System includes many tools including Universal Mantra, Meta Qi-Zhen Model, Silent Healing, Wuji Gong form, "Feel The Qi" Standing Qigong Form, 18 Methods Qigong, as well as healing sounds for each major organ of the body.

The simplest way is to start with one thing and practice it daily. Then as your energy starts to shift you can learn more and go deeper. Most students find it immensely valuable to go through the Emei Healing System seminars: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 in order to get the greatest benefit from their qigong practice.

How Emei Qigong Cultivates Internal Energy For Greater Health

The most basic way is through repeating the universal healing mantra. It is a pure mantra, meaning that it is free from any religious affiliation. Simply saying this mantra will help you tap into the healing frequency. In addition, the healing frequency is greatly amplified in groups. So, when you attend a live Zoom class you will most likely notice an even bigger effect than when practicing these methods alone. Emei Qigong is based on energy science and is a pathway to increasing vital energy and emotional balance.

The method most widely used in Emei Qigong is the Wuji Gong Form. This is done to a 45 minute recording of Grandmaster Fu that includes qigong music and guided instructions. It's a bit unusual compared to traditional qigong methods. 

The form starts with vigorous shaking to break up stagnant energy. This is followed by a section of taiji-style movements for both the upper and lower body. The entire form brings you naturally into a state of emptiness (Wuji) for the last section which is just you moving how the energy inspires you to move. The form is brilliant in it's simplicity. Yet amazingly effective for most all who try it.

The more consistently you practice these methods, the more your internal energy will be balanced. This enables you to release old unwanted energetic patterns and more easily bring to you more of what you want to create in your body, and in your life. Discover what Healing with Qi is all about.

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