5 Element Sound Bath Healing Meditation

The Genesis of a Powerful Healing Combination

For the last 16 Years, I have spent a great deal of my life
practicingand teaching Emei Qigong

Sound Baths are such a gift. The beautiful sounds of vibrational healing instruments, along with the Emei frequency (Qi) connection, harmonizes and heals our bodies. The effect it can have on people is truly amazing. Along with my passion for this incredible healing art, I have always had a passion for music and the effect that it has on people. Think about the mass concerts throughout the years where people come together from all walks of life and become one for a period of time and put all of their differences are aside. Sound and Music is truly powerful in every sense of the word.

Emei 5 Elements Sound Bath Healing Audio

My Sound Bath Introduction

During my journey to become proficient in the Healing Art of Emei Qigong, I was drawn to the increasing number of sound healings that were emerging and the difference they were making in people during sound baths and private sound healing sessions. I decided to explore further and my infatuation and love for sound brought me to become a Certified Sound Healer. I studied, purchased and learned how to play Gongs, Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Shruti Boxes, Monochords, Kalimba’s, Tibetan Tingshas, Chimes and pretty much anything that resonated with me.

Being so into the pure frequency Emei Qigong, I initially hesitated to incorporate these new vibrations into my practice. Then in August of 2019, I hosted an Emei Qigong teacher training at my house at the time in Prospect, CT. I was asked to do a sound bath for the eight new teachers in training with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, who was conducting a Level 4 Teachers Training. I had no plan except to do what I always do while performing, honor the frequency, connect with the vibration and follow the Qi. Working in a room with Emei Practitioners, I added the chanting our Emei Sacred Healing Sounds and Universal Mantra to the playing of Gongs, Singing Bowls and a variety of vibrational instruments.

Emei 5 Elements Sound Bath Healing Meditation

I was very pleased with the reception that I received, not only from the new teachers in training, but from Grandmaster Fu himself. He encouraged me to further incorporate my sound baths with the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds and the Emei Universal Mantra. The audio track that is called Emei Qigong 5 Elements Sound Bath Healing Meditation is a compilation of using the vibrational sound instruments mentioned above, as well as chanting and singing the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds and Universal Healing Mantra.

To match the quality of the vibrational instruments with the vocals, I invited a brilliant vocalist from CT, Suzy Lopes to assist me. Along with her pure heart and spirituality, Suzy is a trained Jazz Vocalist. We did several live Sound Baths together with great success and then went into Pharaoh Recording Studio in Plainville, CT. My initial apprehension was attempting to capture the authentic sound of these types of vibrational instruments. My fears soon vanished, the sound quality more than exceeded my expectations. We recorded the 5 Elements audio track with a “live feel”, infused with the Emei frequency.

Emei Qigong 5 Elements Sound Healing Meditation for Balancing, Restoring and Healing our bodies on the
Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Levels.

Each season brings a new challenge of external influence depending on our body element. By using Vibrational Instruments along with the Emei Healing Sounds, we deepen the connection to the 5 elements and create balance and harmony to our individual organs, allowing them to work in harmony. This unique and powerful audio combines chanting of the Emei Qigong Sacred Healing Sounds and Healing Mantra as well as the playing of other vibrational instruments used for healing and meditation.
The Emei Sacred Healing Sounds are connected to all 5 Elements (seasons) and the frequency of our organs. Each of the 5 Elements is associated with a specific organ and each organ has a specific Sacred Healing Sound. The exception is Fire which has two sounds.

5 Elements Sound Bath Illustration

  • Fire (Heart, Zhen & Deng) Pronounced Jen & Dung
  • Metal (Lung, Shang)
  • Wood (Liver, Ge) Pronounced Guh
  • Earth (Spleen, Gong Guo) Pronounced Gong Gua
  • Water (Kidneys, Hei) Pronounced Hay

There are two additional Healing Sounds, the Stomach (Hai) pronounced Hi, and the Brain (Hong). The Emei Qigong Healing Mantra is used for relaxation and meditation and mobilizes the universal energy.

A, Mi, Di, Li, Gong, Zhen, Hong,
(Ah, Mee, Dee, Lee, Gong, Jen, Hong)

The Emei Qigong Sacred Healing Sounds are over 1000 years old and are used to stimulate the vibration of our organs. There is evidence that the use of Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Bells, Chimes, Tibetan Tingshas, Kalimba’s and other healing instruments for therapy goes back even further. These vibrational sound baths are integrated with both Daoist and Buddhist traditions.

Vibrational Healing Session

The vital organs of your own body play their own frequencies or sounds. When one organ is out of balance, it puts a strain on all of the other organs. When the human body is healthy, the sounds of the organs are harmonious and have a regular pattern and rhythm. When in tune with themselves and each other, they sound like a beautiful orchestra. Adding vibrational instruments such as Gongs, Singing Bowls and healing instruments to the Emei Sacred Sounds and Universal Mantra deepens the therapeutic connection.

The Emei Qigong 5 Elements Sound Bath Healing Meditation includes the chanting and singing of The Emei Sacred Healing Sounds and Healing Mantra accompanied with time honored instruments used for vibrational healing therapy. This 48 minute audio creates the perfect soundscape for bringing your own vibrational frequencies back into balance.

So find a comfortable position, connect with your breath, and enjoy
the benefits of harmonizing your whole body!
Stan Pannone