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Emei Level 2 Seminar, The Moving Program of Life


Join the Level 2 seminar and learn the techniques for achieving ideal energy balance in your daily life.

Join Emei Qigong’s Level 2 Seminar, The Moving Program of Life

Find YOUR Balancing Element

Bringing in more of the balancing element will naturally help to balance the other 4 elements. You will find your own balancing element and know how to calculate the balancing element for your friends and family.

You’ll receive a mini-model of the human body for energy healing practices. This practice is called Meta Qi Zhen. You will also learn advanced Jade Healing Techniques.

Gain a deeper understanding of the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and it’s relationship to Emei Qigong.

Experience an empowerment healing guided by a Qigong Master, opening your heaven’s gate point for a deeper understanding of these principles.

Empowerment participants gain an accelerated connection with the Emei Qigong Universal Healing Mantra, offering heightened benefits.

The class includes Grandmaster Fu’s book, “Changing the Moving Program of Life,” and a Meta Qi Zhen Model for healing and meditation.

The 6-day training, priced at $899, offers a 50% discount for Level 2 Seminar alumni.

Attending the Level 1 Seminar is not required but is suggested.
Students need birthdates and times, an Empowered Jade, and an Empowered Blanket for “The Moving Program of Life.”

Requirements: Students will need their birthdates, including the time they were born.The Moving Program of Life requires an Empowered Jade and an Empowered Blanket.

The Emei Level 2 Seminar costs $899, A 50% discount will apply to anyone who has already taken a Level 2 Seminar.

The NEXT  Emei Qigong Level 2 Seminar starts on March 2, 2024.

These are the dates for the 6-day Seminar.
Saturday/Sunday, March 2/3, 2024
Saturday, March 9,
Saturday, March 16,
Saturday, March 23,
Saturday, March 30.

Make sure you stay in contact for the exact starting times.   

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