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Emei Universal Healing Mantra and Sacred Healing Sounds CD


Listen to Grandmaster Fu’s primary Universal Healing Mantra and the Emei Qigong Sacred Healing Sounds on the Emei Mantra and Healing Sounds CD.

Mantras are like universal “sound codes” with certain vibrations that bring healing energy into this dimension. Mantras have been used for thousands of years by Zen monks for the purpose of  
internal cultivation.

The Emei Universal Healing Mantra is used in Level I Qi Transmission techniques for healing one’s self and others. It also mobilizes the universal energy and brings harmony to our body. Practicing the mantra along with the CD has a healing effect because each CD is empowered with Grandmaster’s qi during the process of recording and during the manufacturing process.

There are Emei Healing Sounds for each organ of the body and using them can provide immediate healing.

Practice with Grandmaster to learn the sounds and use them frequently.

The Complete Sacred Healing Sounds with the Universal Healing Mantra is about 52 Minutes long.

This CD is available as a digital download.


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