Karma Clearing  – Change Your Destiny

Karma Clearing, through guided meditation, takes you through an energetic cleanse that leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed. The basis of karma may sound easy to grasp. It is the accumulation of your soul’s past lives, and how you live on an everyday basis. Very often people are stuck in repeated patterns and suffer from Qi stagnation.

The Emei Qigong Karma Clearing is a unique healing method which clears the Gates and Dantians of your body, your deepest energy centers. By cleansing these energy centers which hold much of our trapped emotions, we are able to feel the disruptive Qi absorbed then clear the negative Karma. This disruptive energy (Qi) is now released, and is no longer part of your energy field.

Karma Clearing - Clearing Negative Karma

During this meditation journey, every cell in your body is stimulated with the vision of calm and peace, allowing your body to feel healthy and revitalized. 

This is class is scheduled as a special session during the year.
Check our calendar for time and dates.